Friday, May 24, 2013

Would You Choose Artificial Plants For Your Homes?

I find this artificial plant that I've seen from the home section of a Duty Free shop to be really gorgeous.  However,  I don't go for artificial plants inside my house.  I used to have it before but I find the many disadvantages that it brings to me.  For one, it is not easy to clean as it gathers dust very fast.  Although, it can be washed, the result may not be satisfactory as the color may fade overtime.  Also, apart from beautifying the home, it gives no other benefit.  This is the reason why I suddenly shifted to using real plants at home.  It's easier to manage, you just have to bring it outdoors to water and it gets cleaned too.  It grows bigger and can be redesigned by cutting and shaping and best of all, it helps to freshen and purify the air, thereby giving you a healthier environment.

Oh and before I forget, should I mention that it's cheaper, too?


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