Friday, June 7, 2013

All About Water Underfloor Heating

A water underfloor heating system can be fixed beneath tiles, stone, carpeted or wooden surfaces just like the dry electric underfloor. It provides a heating option to radiators in kitchen, bathrooms and to entire home. This basically means that, a water underfloor heating system can warm up a cold floor during cold seasons like winter.

What you need to know about Water Underfloor Heating

With a water underfloor heating system, a number of tubes connected to the boiler circulate hot water all over the floor, so, as to heat the floor. Alternatively, a person can fix the water underfloor tubes, to solar water heating system, if one is available. A person will be required to check the boiler since the heat that emanate from an underfloor heating system is uniformly spread than a single radiator, this system is capable of using water at a very lower temperature, this makes it a more efficient technique of heating homes. Underfloor heating is usually associated with tiled or stone floors, but a person can even fix it in a wooden or carpeted room. An individual will only be required to ensure that the wood, carpet and the underlay is not thick as this will stops the heat from moving upwards.

How Water Underfloor Works

Water underfloor system, requires, enough room to fix the pipes, this means that one, may have to raise his floor level to accommodate the pipes. This at times is not possible, if one is retrospectively fixing the underfloor heating to an already existing kitchen or bathroom. Therefore, water-fed systems are more suited to floors that are under construction. This is because the floor can be built in way to hold the pipes, and be sufficiently insulated to make sure the heating does not escape downwards. There are different rates of efficiency and responsiveness this depends on what the pipes are set in. Individuals installing these systems are advised to use pipes together with insulated wood floor so as to have good heating results. Water underfloor heating can only be installed by a specialist or by yourself by purchasing a kit. A specialist is in a good position to advise a person on the best class of water underfloor heating system depending on the size and shape of the house. A specialist will be required to test the boiler to see what type of underfloor heating system it can support. An individual can hire an underfloor heating engineer in his area. One can also ask for referrals from friend and relatives who are aware of a qualified professional.

Water Underfloor Heating Costs

This type of heating systems is expensive to acquire and install and one will require a heating engineer to install. If, an individual is installing a new water underfloor heating system, he will be required to pay hundreds of pounds. This is one reason, which makes these heating systems expensive to install. Water underfloor heating systems are energy efficient and as a result, less to run, nevertheless, the saving number will depend on the amount of energy that an individual uses.

Graham Poole is a highly experienced product advisor for underfloor heating solutions, offering installation and product advice.


  1. We used an oil heater during wintertime in the KSA. This water underfloor heating is something new but expensive.

  2. Thanks for introducing us to this water underfloor heating Krizz, I am now following you via GFC.

  3. Thank God that we don't have to have heating system in our house. Hahaha. By the this is an eye-opener for those who will try to leave on cold places.

  4. This water underfloor heating must be very effective in houses that need heating. If I were one of those, I'd invest in something like this. :)

  5. Just as I thought, it would be expensive to have this fixture. But I guess if you have the money to shell out, why not? But for those who cannot, we can always innovate. :-)


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