Friday, June 28, 2013

Furniture Stores Can Help You Redesign Your Home

Are you tired of your home? Wanting to mix it up the interior? Looking to change around some pictures or buy new furniture? Many people would like to redecorate, but are unsure of how to go about it. Lucky for your, there are an array of St. Petersburg furniture stores that employ decorators who are ready to help. Before you hire anyone to do your design, here are some fundamental elements to consider.

The basics of interior design to be aware of are color, form, line, mass, and texture. Color will lead your room in a direction. It changes the mood depending on which color you choose and the depth, warmth/coolness, and shade. Form defines the shape of the objects in a room. Be sure to have a rhyme and reason to the forms you choose. Line is the direction the room focuses on. Mass is referring to the size of the items in the room. Texture is how items feel and look. Texture, like color, makes a big difference in the overall message of the room.

The elements to be knowledgeable about are the focal point, scale and proportion, harmony and unity, contrast, and variety. The focal point draws the most attention in the room and everything else is placed in reference to the focal point. This is often a bed, TV, piano, or a grand piece of artwork. Scale is the size of an object and proportion is how items relate to each other in terms of size. Be sure to measure your room and the objects you wish to put in it. Harmony refers to the way elements complement each other and work together, and unity speaks of their belonging together. These are important elements to make sure that the room flows well and doesn’t feel over done. Contrast simply means the disparity between any of the elements and must be taken on with care. Variety will make the room unique and interesting. After reading this, you are now ready to either take on your own designing or find an interior decorator at one of many St. Petersburg furniture stores to help you express yourself through the art of interior design.

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