Saturday, June 29, 2013

Checklist For Moving Out Of Rented Accommodation

Everyone knows that moving house can be one of the most stressful things to deal with. On top of getting everything into your new home you have to make sure that your old accommodation is up to standard. When you move out of a flat or house it is your duty to ensure you leave it in the same way you found it.

 If you are new to renting or haven’t moved house yet then you might not know about all the things you are expected to do. If you don’t do things properly then you could end up getting charged and losing some of your deposit. Here is a short checklist of some of the most important things you need to do and some things people forget to do when moving out.

Remove Rubbish

It’s surprising just how much rubbish builds up when you are moving out. You will probably have more rubbish than you think. After you have gone through all the rooms in your house then you will probably have a huge amount of bin bags. You can’t just leave them by the rubbish bin, if they don’t fit then you need to take them to your local rubbish tip. Make sure you set aside time to do this because if you forget you could get charged.

Clear Every Room

This sounds a bit obvious but when you move out you need to ensure that every room is completely cleared out. You can’t leave anything behind so double check you have enough transport and storage space to fit all your belongings in. When you think you have cleared the house go through each room and check every cupboard and draw, you don’t want to leave anything behind.

 Tidy Up The Garden

This is something that a lot of tenants forget to do, but it is important that you leave a tidy garden. Cut the grass and clear any weeds and rubbish before you depart. It might take a bit of time but if you don’t do it your landlord might charge you.

 Deep Clean

Even if you love cleaning you might not have time to clean your whole house inside out before you go. Cleaning standards and expectations are also very high when it comes to moving out of rented accommodation. It’s definitely worth paying a professional to deep clean your old house or flat. That way you know it will be cleaned to a very good standard.

Fix Anything Broken

Once you have cleared everything out you need to do a detailed check of the whole house. Check every room for any damages, marks or broken furniture. Try and fix as much as possible before you leave so that you reduce the chance of losing some of your deposit.

Got Pets?

If you have had pets in your rented accommodation then you will probably be expected to get carpets cleaned professionally. Some landlords will ask that you fumigate everywhere for health and safety reasons. Check with your landlord and make sure you honour your agreement. 

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