Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Collector's Items

Since I started working abroad, I suddenly get the urge to go for some collectors items.  I have seen a lot of nice stuff that could be the subject of my collection during my travels.  Currently, I am collecting some nice figurines, I got two items from Cambodia 3 from Vietnam and I am still looking for an interesting piece that I could get from Thailand.  All of my collections were put on display at my curio cabinet at home.  I am also collecting cash notes from several countries. Some, I personally acquired from my travels and some I asked from my friends and colleagues. That's the benefit of working with people of different nationalities. Some of my friends are thinking to buy silver coins as part of their collection, but If I would have a choice or rather if I am capable of, I would prefer to collect some gold jewelries or precious stones.  But of course, that would be a very expensive hobby. 

Anyway, I am happy with my current collection and I hope to get some nice pieces on my next visit to Thailand.  Will keep you posted! 


  1. Those kind of collections are 'sosyal' collections. If I am travelling myself, I would go for paper bills too! or still the same with what i have now, tissue from restos. :)

  2. It's good to have a luxury collections, good investment in the future, but for now I love to collect far I only have 2 pair heheh:)

  3. the price of the coins increases after a couple of decades.. cool collection! :)

  4. figurines are nice collections, when i was single i collect figurines of i like to gather gold jewelries para may pansangla for the future hahaha


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