Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do You Enjoy Cleaning?

Can Cleaning Be Fun?

Are you one of the 17% of the UK population who hates cleaning? Hardly surprising, considering that - if you're a woman - you spend over 12,000 hours during your lifetime cleaning! Not really a shock then that 32% of the UK population do the absolute minimum amount of housework they can get away with. 

On average, women spend over 18 hours a week on cleaning, with men managing just over half as much, though 40% of men change their bed sheets weekly, as recommended by experts, with 8% doing it even more frequently! In comparison, just 2 in 5 women change their bedding every week, and 36% do it every fortnight. A shocking 17% wash their sheets every month or even less! 

With such conflicting statistics that suggest men either are more efficient at cleaning, or just have really clean bedrooms, it could make you wonder why 47% of couples argue over the housework, particularly when 25% of men say they can't complete any task better than their partner! 

So what are our most hated tasks? An unsurprising 30% of people hate ironing, naming it the most time-consuming task they have to complete, closely followed by window cleaning, disliked by 28%. When asked why they so disliked window cleaning, a third said it was due to the difficulty involved in doing it, and 12% due to lack of time. 

Better use of your time is one reason for the growth in appliances to ease the household burden, such as dishwashers, microwaves and tumble dryers, however there's no quick way round many household chores - such as emptying the bin and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Add to this the growing 'green cleaning' market, with an increased awareness of the impact cleaning products have on the environment, with 69% of people who buy green cleaning products saying that they do so due to a sense of personal responsibility, and it's hardly surprising that housework comes bottom of our 'to do' list. 

Around 12 percent of people in the UK hire domestic help or a cleaner, with almost 25% of those saying they hire someone simply because they just don't like to do it!

So, what do all these statistics and facts tell us? Not much we didn't know already - people don't like cleaning! However, because one bacteria can breed to produce another 8 million in just 24 hours, and over 10,000 dust mites can live in your bed, housework is a sad fact of life. There are, though, ways round it - marry someone who changes their bed sheets every week and loves cleaning windows - or ask a cleaners such as MyMaids to pay you a visit!

My Maids is a family run cleaning service in Nottingham city. We have a passion for cleaning and giving back to our local community. ​You can visit us at My Maids Cleaning Service Or contact us on Twitter

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