Friday, June 14, 2013

Door Muff

For those having babies and toddlers at home, perhaps one of your biggest problems at home is the noise  caused by slammed doors which happens either naturally or by carelessness of your child.  Don't fret! there's an ultimate solution to that...Door Muff!

We have to face it! We can't stop those cute little angels in the house to act carelessly at times, it's all part of growing up.  So, instead of getting all the stress trying to stop the kids, why don't we address the problem in the best way possible?  This cute Door Muff which can be bought from Etsy could be your solution!  Aside from getting rid of your problem with the doors, it can provide an added attraction to the house.  I guess, we could also be a little bit more creative. We could modify it and come up with another unique design with our own choice of color.

I would also love to try this one! :)

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