Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dress Up Your Sink

Do you have that unwanted sink at home?  Do you feel like want to change that old open sink with a new one but you still doesn't have the budget to buy one? There's a solution!  Dress up that sink!

I was thinking of upgrading the sink inside our bathroom at home as it is open and the fittings and fixture underneath the sink is exposed. I already asked hubby to have it replaced last time but being a practical "man of the house",  he refused and told me that there's nothing really wrong with the sink except that the pipes and fittings underneath is exposed.  Actually he is right. It's just that I am a lover or beauty (lol) and can't afford to see anything not pleasing to the eyes.  So, I just obliged to what he wants and until now, we're still having that old sink in our bathroom.  It's not really worse as it seems, but wait, I didn't realized that I could also dress up that sink.  

See the skirt made for the above sink?  I think it's gorgeous!  I think I would try to make one for ours, too. But since, our sink is colored blue and the overall motif of our bathroom is white and blue, perhaps I would be looking for a blue colored linen or a fabric with nice prints on it.    :)

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