Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fixing Up

Since it's always raining and kids can't simply go out on weekends, they have decided to do some quick fixing of their rooms.  Separating old stuff from new stuff and those that still can be used.  Those clothes and books that they have outgrown were kept in a covered clear plastic containers.  They have also arranged other stuff that they seldom use like badminton sets and guitar.  I told them that that was a good idea and considering that it's already rainy season in the Philippines, chances are, there would be massive flooding here and there.  So it pays to be ready.  We are fortunate that we are safe from flood for years now but we still have to take some precautionary measures like keeping things off the ground.  My daughter hung her guitar on the wall to keep it safe.  I know that it is not comparable to cheap breedlove guitars at musicians friend, hers is even cheaper (lol).  Anyway, that has a sentimental value to her and it's just right to keep it and all her things in order.

Way to go kids, you have done another great job on week end!

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