Friday, June 7, 2013

Garden Bench

Having a great passion for outdoor designs, I'm always on a look out for new and fresh ideas with two considerations in mind, that's cost and time frame involved in doing a project.  After seeing the above design,  I almost able to figure out how much roughly would I spend for this project.  Aside from that, I personally find the idea of having built in planters underneath the recycled wooden door very cute and unique.  Oh and what more? Two of the most prominent colors used here are also two of my most favorite colors, Apple Green and Orange.  I guess, I don't need to explain why the interior of my house is in bright orange and the exteriors are in shades of green (lol).

I also love those white pebbles on the floor. I love to use pebbles in my garden. That clearly explains the bed of pebbles that you would probably see when you enter my pocket garden at home.  I think I'll be adding more on my future outdoor projects.


  1. Ay oo nga this would look good outside your home :) It looks like an easy project too, I mean, for someone who knows what he's doing hehe

  2. i love the look on the photo, too. wish we have our own place so i could start making our own small garden too. that sure looks lovely! :-)

  3. great share, i wish money is not an issue, i'd love to have a garden like this kahit malayo kami sa beach


  4. I like it also.. cozy and bright. I want the same for our home in the future.

  5. I love this one-looks like a pocket garden. It wont require much space

  6. It's so relaxing and achievable at the same time. Some plants lang and wood and kailangan.

    1. Yeah, you're right Sis, you do not have to spend much doing this design for your outdoor seating. Crerativity is the key. :)

  7. I love it!!! My mom also used to use a lot of white pebbles on our garden when we were young. Tapos unti-unting naubos kasi ginawa naming pretend Mentos. :P

  8. Beautiful. I can imagine my self lounging here and reading.


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