Monday, June 10, 2013

Home Away From Home

Until now, I still have fond memories of my stay in Bangkok with the family.  My children really had a great time roaming the streets of Pratunam, Petchburi Road, China town and Victory Monument.  It's good that Bangkok is having a good transportation system thus going around has never been this easy.  On one of our shopping days, we had a great time discovering Siam Paragon Mall as well as Central World.  The two places are very huge with lots of great items on sale.  Of course, you would already have an idea where I spend most f my time in those huge buildings.  Not in the ladies section of course, but in the home section. :)

I was fascinated with the furniture on display.  Lots and lots of designs to choose from. All are of good quality.  Well...if only I could bring home one of those.  I've seen some nice table aquariums too.  But since the building is very big, you could hardly get where you wanted to especially if you're not familiar with the place.  I wonder if they have position indicators there.  That would be a good idea of course. (lol)  

I've also seen some IKEA products on display and as expected, you couldn't get enough of what you see.  Everything is fabulous! My day dreaming stopped when suddenly, my daughter asked me to lead her to the teens section to find a nice pair of rubber shoes.  Oh well, I have to face the fact that only clothes and shoes can be brought home and not a nice piece of furniture.  That was really a pleasant experience for me.  Some of the furniture designs, I kept in memory.  Who knows, I might be needing some of those designs in the future.   

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