Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Fit a Safety Hasp to a Rabbit Hutch

Recently, my daughter got her first pet rabbit. We decided that the rabbit should live outside as we have a dog which is indoors most of the time, so we bought a hutch. However, on closer inspection, the latch didn’t seem very sturdy, and there is always a risk that a fox might be able to nudge it open and get to the rabbit, so we decided to look into extra fastenings to make it extra safe. After doing a bit of research online we ordered a safety hasp which looked trickier for other animals to get into.

First, I decided on whereabouts on the hutch door to place the hasp. Too low and any small animals might be able to nudge it, so I opted to place it nearer the top of the door. I placed one side of the hasp on the door and the other on the main part of the hutch and marked the position, making sure both parts of the hasp laid flat.

Next, I marked where I would be placing the screws. It’s important not to do this too close to the edge of the hasp in case you’re a little clumsy with a drill, and make sure you’re not drilling over any fragile wood as it may break. Find a strong, reinforced piece of wood to drill the screws into on each side for the best results.

Then I had to remove the hasp and check out the markings I’d left on the wood. I used a drill to carefully drill through the wood on the door and the main hutch side to make holes for the screws. If you’re not comfortable using a drill, practice on an old piece of unwanted wood first so that you know how to control it and what to expect.

Once the holes were finished, I placed the hasp back up to the hutch and used a screwdriver to attach the hasp to the wood. When it felt secure, I opened and close the hutch a couple of times to check if it worked. Everything seemed to be in order so I decided to try the rabbit in its new home. She was extremely excited, and my daughter loved watching her explore her safe new house! With the addition of some hay, food, water and a few little toys to keep her entertained, we were all very pleased to have one happy bunny!

Vasanta Dean is a handy housewife who enjoys all manner of small DIY projects to keep her home and garden in great shape


  1. oh..wait till my husband found out about this hasp then all our doors might have it (laughing). Seriously, are rabbits "ok" to be a pet? don't they bite? Can we hold them? Do they have rabies too like dogs?

  2. I only had turtles and fishes as pets when I was a kid. So I really don't get the "hasp" and the "hutch". Hehehe. I remember asking my mom if I could have a rabbit, but they said I should stick to the harmless ones. :)

  3. I miss my pet rabbit suddenly. She was left outside, then it rained so hard it flooded, taking the life of my super soft pet. I cried and cried.

  4. Interesting project.. we don't have pets at home as we stay in a tiny apartment.


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