Thursday, June 27, 2013

On Creating A Music Room

Last weekend, I had the chance to watch a concert via DVD.  I was mesmerized with the good quality of sound.  The show was really spectacular.  The performance of the artists deserved a standing ovation.  What they said is true, music touches our hearts as well as our souls.  It lifts up our spirits.  Sometimes, we relate our lives with music and we normally get inspiration from the lyrics of the songs we constantly hear.  I remembered my daughter once requested to have a music room in the house or an entertainment room.  I told her that it would be ideal but not practical.  From the family she is the only one who is inclined into music, so the room would just be put to into waste should we decided to create one.  I remembered that she fancied about owning a new art preamp at guitar center.   She always admires great stuff related to her hobby.  I also think that a music room would  be a good addition to the house but If I have a spare room, I would rather convert it into a home office or a study room.  But I am happy that my daughter is pursuing her hobby.  I hope that she would be able to continue it longer and improve on her skills.  A Music Room in the house would be far from my priorities at the moment, but who knows. :)

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