Thursday, June 13, 2013

Taking Care of Wooden Furniture - Let Your Wooden Dining Tables Last for Years

As you are getting back to the basics, it is time to capture a glance at the maintenance of wood furniture. Wood furniture is probably among the most common materials used for making dining tables. It takes a heavy amount of change to purchase a pleasant wooden dining table. For that reason, it is important to note that everyone would want their dining tables to look great and serve their purpose for a good long time in the future. To be able to achieve that, it would be very beneficial to read through the basics noted below.

Dust over and over again

Very small dust particles may appear to be harmless, however if they build up high enough, they can scratch the finish of the wood. Using a soft and lint-free cloth; dust the furniture at least every after one week. A cotton diaper, cheesecloth, or a cut piece of an old t-shirt can wonderfully get the task done. Avoid pledge and any other dust polish. This is because they contain silicones which can get soaked into the wood's grain and smash it up for good. As an alternative, dampen a cloth lightly with water or employ a microfiber cloth which will adhere to the particles of dust on its own.

Un-wrap the mayonnaise

If your table top has got watermark rings from wet glasses, it is possible that it is not in the wood but in the wax. Making use of mayonnaise while rubbing should be able to dig up the marks.

Take note of the placement

Wooden dining tables should not be positioned above a radiator or close to a heat-register. The temperature sways could cause damage to the wood with splitting or warping. Additionally, any extra leaves should also be stored in the vicinity of the table itself. The purpose of this is to make sure that the leaf does not warp, contract or swell different from the table. Some tables have a nifty place which can be used for storing the additional leaf under the tabletop. In case you get the leaf stored in an attic or basement, the temperature and moisture differential may possibly take its toll.

Look at humidity levels

As it is the case to all woodworks, from the flooring to the dining tables and all the other wood furniture, make an effort to keep the levels of humidity in your home in the range of 40 to 45%. Anything lower than that may possibly fracture the wood, and anything higher may possibly cause swelling of the wood. For the majority of home owners, this simply implies running a humidifier during the winters and a de-humidifier or an Air Conditioner during the summer.

Shine it up

As it was pointed out earlier, this shouldn't be done with a silicone-product. Instead shining should be done using a hard carnauba wax. Make use of two soft lint-free cloths, one for applying the wax and the other for polishing. This will capture some real nudge grease, but thankfully the task requires to only be done about two times every week.

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