Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Best Reasons for Choosing Raised Garden Beds

If you are a seasoned farmer you probably know what raised garden beds are, but even if you are not, don’t worry. You will know a lot about its benefits and even feel inspired to try it out by the time you finish reading this.

When put in simple words, raised-bed gardening means growing plants in a bed of soil that is three to four feet wide and is much higher than the surrounding soil. It can be anything from six inches to waist high.

This soil bed sometimes has a frame around it made of wood, rock, or concrete blocks. The concept of raised garden beds becomes much simpler if you think of your own bedroom. Your ‘floor’ is the soil and your bed is similar to the raised-bed in the garden.

The primary reason for using raised garden beds is that they can do wonders for plant growth and can even extend the growing season. This is because the soil inside the raised garden beds tend to be warm even during early spring when the soil around is much colder. Raised garden beds also provide a healthy environment suitable for microorganisms, which in turn facilitates plant growth. Plus it is an excellent way to keep weeds including lawn grasses away.

However, there is no reason to think that raised garden beds are only good for the plants. These are equally beneficial to your back and when used intelligently, can even function as your creative masterpiece embellishing your garden.

It is always recommended to use raised garden beds that are twelve inches in height. This simple step ensures that you do not have to bend as low and so spare your back from unnecessary strains and aches. This is especially advantageous to older people.

Think of using raised garden beds if you have sandy or clay soil. The best part is you don’t have to struggle with the topsoil of the entire garden. Simply fill the raised garden beds with good quality topsoil and you are all set!

Raised garden beds are excellent for keeping your garden tidy and organised. No matter how heavy the rain, you can always have your feet clean and still enjoy some fresh veggies straight from the garden. Let your creative juices flow and help you arrange these beds in new patterns that will add a new dimension to the appearance of your garden.

Whenever you are looking for raised garden beds, make sure they are made with rot-resistant lumber and material that would withstand all weather conditions.

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Written for Mega Garden Store by Hayley Jones.

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