Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garage Door Installation For Your Needs

Searching for a home, but can’t decide whether you want a garage door or not? Are you considering whether to have a garage door installed in your home? The basic reasons to consider a garage door installation in Reno are for privacy and safety, to save money on utilities and up the value of your home, and as a fashion statement.

Privacy and Safety

Obviously garage doors are beneficial because they enclose your valuables into your house. Things such as your cars, boats, bikes, storage boxes, and tools can be kept safe if you have a solid, high-grade garage door. The likeliness of someone stealing your belongings from within your garage drops significantly if you have a garage door to enclose the space. Electric garage doors now come with motion sensors at the bottom of the tracks. This provides extra safety for children, animals, and your belongings. Garage doors can also protect your home against natural disasters. Research has shown that garages without a garage door are a point of weakness and where the most damage often occurs during a tornado, hurricane, or winter storm. Modern garage doors can not only enclose your carport, but can be built to be a strong defense against storm damage. You can also choose to have a back-up battery system that allows you to open and close the garage door a few times in the event of a blackout.

Saving Money

New garage doors have the option of being insulated. This creates an additional barrier from outside weather and can keep your garage at a more reasonable temperature. One advantage to this is that your car and other valuables will not age or weather from extreme temperatures. Also, this insulation will help you save money on summer and winter electric bills, and in some places, insulated garage doors will qualify owners for a tax credit. One other way garage doors are easy on the wallet is that the value of your house will go up if you have a garage door.

Fashion Statement

A garage doorinstallation in Reno can also be a fashion accessory for your house, completing the overall look you’re trying to achieve. You can choose from contemporary industrial styles to vintage paneling. 

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