Saturday, July 20, 2013

Home Safety

Home makers should have to watch out for the modus operandi of some individuals who would knock on your gates and offer to check on your gas stoves. They would explain you some safety measures that have to be undertaken to ensure that your gas tanks are safe for home use.  They would introduce themselves as members of NGO's who were asked to conduct surveys.  Their agenda would possibly be that they would sell to you some stuff or worse than that, they may take the opportunity of entering your homes as a way to rob your house.  First, they would ask you questions like how many people stay in the house, how may members of the family are working and who are normally left at home most of the times.  These information are all what they need to execute their acts.  This is so because they know that normally, those who would attend to them at the gate where housekeepers or maids and they will take advantage of their innocence.  We had experience this at home a number of times but all the people in the house are well briefed on how are they going to deal with these people. I briefed my kids and house helper to tel them straight away that we have already taken some measures to ensure safety in our homes like using good quality gas stoves, gas tanks and hose from reputable hydraulic hose manufacturers.  This is a way of telling them that we no longer require their services.  Thereafter, we would tell them that we have to go as we are busy attending to something inside the house.  This way, they will also be compelled to leave.

We have to make sure that all members of the family were properly briefed on this, more so, the house helpers who are often left alone in the house.  It's better to be safe than sorry.        

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