Friday, July 5, 2013

Painting Tips - Choosing the Right Color

Deciding to paint your room a new color is very exciting. The possibilities seem endless and the chance of sending a breath of fresh air into the room can make anyone’s heart beat a little faster. The only hard part is deciding on a paint color, and then getting it to look the same on the wall as it did in the store. Many people have chosen a paint color and applied it to the wall only to find that it was just a shade lighter or darker then they had imagined. The result is that it changed the look of the whole room, and not in a good way. So how do you find your favorite paint color and get it to look that way on the wall? There are several tricks that you can follow that will ensure your next favorite paint strip color is actually the color that you will see after you finish your Boston painting.

The Paint Strip
You may have noticed that when you look at several paint strips, there are multiple colors that will look the same. They’re not. Each paint strip has color chips that are tinted in different directions, even just slightly. When they are tinted in these different directions, they can give the appearance of matching another color when they actually don’t. When you want to see the true tint, just look at the darkest color that is on the strip. This way you will be able to see the true base color because it has the most color saturation.

Surfaces Make a Difference
Whether you are in Boston painting, or somewhere else, remember that when you are painting a ceiling a color other than white, it is smart to go at least one shade lighter. The color that you have on the ceiling will always appear darker than that on the wall. If you are painting the floor, always make sure to go lighter by one or two shades. The color on the floor will always appear darker than that on the wall. When you are looking at a paint strip in the store, hold your desired color next to something white to really see the color.

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