Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Color Ideas

If you are a type of home maker who is never afraid to experiment on colors, you would probably be pleased to give your dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen or even your bath room a new look by looking at the following summer color ideas.  I would admit, I was once very particular with colors and most of the time, I would only choose the natural colors such as earth tones for my house.  I do not want to experiment as I am afraid of committing a mistake and spend more money on the process.  But since, I've started to give my home an instant "make over" more than two years ago and used a bright color for my living room all the way to the kitchen and dining, I began to shift my preferences and became more adventurous in adding colors to my home.  Believe me, it was a very nice experience. :)   

For your your next home "make over", you may want to try the following colors:

        Eclectic Dining Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators amanda nisbet

Love the purple!  This color is inviting and assures you of a very lively dinner at home.

How about this tart citrus color?  It looks appealing to me.  I love greens especially the apple green.  I find it so cool! :)

         Modern Bathroom by Breckenridge Architects & Designers Allen-Guerra 
                                                 Design-Build, Inc. Architecture

Bright shade of lemons may not be attractive to many but this color can definitely wake you up and help you welcome your daily morning shower with much enthusiasm for the day ahead.

How about you? Would you dare to try bold colors, too? :)


  1. I would love to try those bright colors! Purple and lemon and green sound fun and cool to the eyes indeed! Have fun at home! :)

  2. Oh, the vibrant colors are so eye catching. I don't mind having a purple wall. Oh, what do you know, I do have a purple wall in my condo unit in QC back in the Philippines. It's so pretty and initially, I thought it was such a loud color but later on, I kind of taken a liking to it. It blends well with nice yellow splashes of color.

    The last photo too is pretty. I didn't realize a lemony yellow can be so cool! Nice pics sis!!!

  3. I love that second choice that you put. The colors are very calming and refreshing.

  4. I love the contemporary kitchen and the modern bathroom. It fits my personality.

  5. YES! I would try bold and wild colors!!! I'm so digging the Contemporary Kitchen, its perfect.

  6. Not bad at all. You have given me some idea to ponder at. I am not that bad when it comes to doing painting works so, I guess I have to try doing our living room a facelift.

  7. I love the designs! I need to choose a good interior design for our ne condo unit :) This post makes me want to search for more tipsAte kriz!

    1. Wow your family has acquired a new condo unit? That's great! Do visit here for more design inspirations. Hehe.

  8. I love bright colors, Teh Krizz. Ganda-ganda naman ng mga sample designs dito. I would love a mix of both modern and contemporary designs. I am so looking forward for more of your tips nexy post. Hehe!


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