Friday, August 30, 2013

Preparing for the Home Theater Installation

Entertainment is something that we all seek each day in one form or another. One way that many people like to relax and get some entertainment at home is through watching movies. A new trend has been to put in home theaters complete with a screen resembling the big screens you see in the movie theater.  Most home movie theaters are their own room with tiered levels to resemble the movie theater.  If this is something you have considered, you should call a company that does home theater installation in Northern Virginia and ask them questions to get a sense of how much it would cost and how hard it would be to do.

Why People Love the Home Theater

People love to watch movies and always have. However, some people may wonder why everyone is so infatuated with the home theater versus just watching on their big screen TV in the main TV room of the home. The concept behind a home movie theater is the ability to create an atmosphere that resembles the movie theater. It also allows people to entertain others by inviting them to come and watch a movie. It also becomes a place in the home for the family to escape.

How to Prepare for a Home Theater

If you are going to have a home theater in your home, you need to make some preparations. First off, you need to take the time to decide on a room to use. Most often, this is a room in the basement. It can either be a room that you change for the purpose of the theater, or you may choose to frame an entirely new room to make it what you want.  Either way, the first step in the preparation process is to determine where you are going to put the home theater. After you have decided that, you will want to make sure you have all of the technical aspects plumbed into the room, such as the cables for the projector, enough electrical outlets, and speaker wire. You can get more input from a company that does home theater installation in Northern Virginia.  They will help make sure you are ready for them to come in and install the home theater.

Unique and Elegant Front Door Designs

               Modern Exterior by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators Kropat Interior Design

As what is normally expected in every house or I guess even in other commercial buildings, the main entrance always makes a statement.  This is the reason why home and building owners usually invest a great amount of money to make their main entrance a head turner.  If you are able to capture the attention of the by passers, chances are, you successfully create a positive first impression.    

One way of creating a positive first impression is to install a unique front door design.A door is considered as the most essential and functional part of our homes.  Stylish, elegant and attractive doors give a warm and cozy look to our homes. A beautiful and attractive front door displays a good image of the entire house. There are lots of materials used for front doors and as a home owner you have to choose the one that  offers a long lasting and low maintenance features.

Most front doors that I've seen from lots of homes that I've visited are made up of solid wood. A wooden door is usually the top choice of every home owner as it provides a warm, cozy and natural look to the house.  It is also believed to be a durable item, easy to install and provides an excellent security for the home.

Although, wooden door is usually the most common choice,  other door designs made of other materials such as steel, fiber glass and aluminum are also a great choice.

The following are some gorgeous front door designs.  Take your pick!

                        Contemporary Entry by Dallas General Contractors Classic Urban Homes

                           Contemporary Entry by Austin Photographers Kara Mosher

         Rustic Exterior by Laguna Beach Interior Designers & Decorators Michael Fullen Design Group

                        Contemporary Entry by Kelowna General Contractors Wilson & Company Ltd

                         photos by : Houzz

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Avoid

Kitchen remodeling in NJ can be a big undertaking. When you are making remodeling decisions for your kitchen, there are some trendy trends that you probably want to avoid so that your remodeled kitchen doesn’t go back out of style in a year or two. For example, right now white or arctic-colored appliances are very trendy for new kitchens. This popular trend, however, like other popular color choices for appliances (you remember teal refrigerators in the 1950s, right?), is already starting to peter out. For this reason, the classic stainless steal option is the safest option for maintaining a classic, timeless look for your kitchen appliances. Here are some more tips to keep your kitchen looking up to date.

Kitchen Storage

One very important role your kitchen has is that of storage. Because of all of the different kinds of appliances and equipment that you use in your kitchen, it is important to have good storage for your kitchen. First, small appliance storage can be tricky. In the past, many people had “appliance garages” in their kitchens for all of their small appliances, but people got annoyed with having to go to their garage everytime they needed an appliance that they used often. For this reason, a more convenient and less trendy decision may be to store the appliances you use the most on your counters and then store the rest of your small appliances in pull-out drawers. Also, for storing pots and pans, a popular trend starting in 2009 was to hang pots and pans from a pot rack, usually over the stove. Pot rack popularity is waning, however, and a more timeless option may be to store your pots and pans in deep drawers that can roll out. Even more helpful are roll-out drawers that have built in racks for keeping your pots and pans easily organized and accessible.

Kitchen Niches

Often you will find that homes have a desk area in the kitchen; in fact, 10 years ago, this style was all the rage. People have come to find, however, that the desks ends up acting as a very visible breading ground for junk and clutter. When making plans for kitchen remodeling in NJ, you may want to avoid the popular trend for kitchen niches and instead opt for a drawer where you can store your pens, paper, keys, and bills.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Roof Leaks

I've been hearing a lot of complaints from both my kids about the recent typhoon Maring which caused a lot of destruction and discomfort to most of the Filipino families.  Thanks God, our house did not get flooded at all but my son has been complaining about the water leaks from the roof of his bedroom and in our dirty kitchen.  The sad thing was that we had it repaired few times already but it seemed that the ones who checked on the roof were not able to rectify the problem.  We were affected this much when the house next to ours whose owner happens to be my eldest sister had started with the construction of the second floor of their old house.  What a mess!  However, we can't do much at this point but just to accept things and find solutions to our problems. It gives me a lot of stress sometimes.

Good thing that my kids were able to manage well and now that typhoon Maring has finally left, the next thing to do after the massive clean up is to find a reliable handyman who could fix the leak problems on some parts of our roof.  Meanwhile, my daughter has been very busy at school despite all these inconveniences brought about by typhoon Maring.  She got a bunch of video editing jobs that she needs to accomplish in time for their exams.  Everyone in the house is busy and even my daughter's hobby of playing her guitar was put aside.  I guess even a Pro Audio at musician's friend would not be enough to draw her attention from tons of her school projects.  Well that's life.  I myself is too busy with a lot of things.  Sometimes, my time management skills are being put into test and glad that I'm still coping up.

Anyway, month is nearly to end and let;s just hope for a better September.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Multifunctional Space

     Modern Living Room by Brooklyn Architects & Designers Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

I've long been wanting to create a multifunctional space where I can have a work space connected with either the dining room or the living room.  But honestly, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to make the two complement with each other.  Maybe because I find it a little bit absurd having a work space in a little corner of your dining area or kitchen or even in the living room.  Not until I found this modern living room design which doubles as a working area in this beautiful apartment.  Everything complements well in this design from the color and the choice of furniture.  Everything is neatly arranged!

I think the cue is, if you have a small space, it would be a wise move to customize rather than to buy a ready made furniture from the local shops and try to fit everything in the room.  If we do this, chances are there would be some spaces wasted.  I have the same dilemma in my own bedroom.  I ordered all the furniture from a shop only to realize later that it's quite hard to make everything look nice and fit perfectly in a standard bedroom space.  Now, I wanted to customize but I have already bought those pieces of furniture and can't do much as I do not want to waste the money that I used in buying those stuff. 

The key is proper planning and being creative at the same time. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Going About a Garage Door Repair

Your garage door is an essential part of your home if you have a garage. It is this device that not only allows for you and your possessions to enter and exit your garage, it is also the only thing that gives protection and security for this area. Your garage door can also help to insulate the rest of your home and it can even help to make your garage into a livable area. While your garage door is both strong and durable, it can still have problems and it is essential that it is properly maintained. Here is a quick look at how you can go about a local garage door repair in Lexington, NC.

Before you begin to repair your garage door, you should do a full inspection of this structure in order to find any potential problems or issues. The first thing that you will want to check is the rails that carry and hold the door. Make sure that there are no debris in the rails and that they are clean. You should also make sure that they are not broken and that there are no cracks or other signs of damage. Next, check your garage door opener and make sure that the chain or belt is not ripped or has signs of wear. Also make sure that the opener is properly plugged in and that the electrical cord has no signs of damage. The last thing that you will want to check is your safety sensors, making sure that they are clean and receiving power.


Once you have found the problem with your garage door, you can begin the repair process. If it is something simple, such as replacing a belt or some batteries, you will be able to do the repair on your own. For more serious issues, even if it may seem like you will be able to do the job, you should hire a local professional company that can do garage door repair in Lexington, NC. These companies have the skill and experience that allow them to safely fix any problem that you might have with your garage door. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Defog Bathroom Mirrors

A long, hot shower can do the body good. It allows that bather to relax, think, and treat their achy muscles. However, a steamy shower may not be that great for the bathroom mirror. The water reaches a boiling point, causing the water to steam. The steam travels but has to remain in the closed room, so it condenses on the mirror from JPocker. Although there is no substantial damage to the mirror, the steam leaves a fog that is inconvenient to see through when you’re getting ready. Plus, the fog leaves water marks. For treating fogged-up mirrors, follow these tips.


Apply preventative measures in your battle against bathroom steam to save yourself work in the long run. You can purchase an anti-fog solution, which is typically meant for automobile glass. Rain-X is one brand that comes recommended. Use a cotton cloth or paper towel to apply this solution. You shouldn’t see fog for the next few months.

Blow Dryer

If you don’t apply anti-fog products, you’ll have to combat the steam when it appears on your mirror. One of the most conventional ways to fight fog is through a blow dryer. Aim the dryer about half a foot from the mirror. Flip on the hottest setting at max power. The hot air will clear away the fog as you move the dryer around in circular motions. It helps to open the bathroom door as you attempt to remove the fog.

Other Methods

You can rely on simple household products to remove the fogged-up steam on your mirror surface. Shampoo or shaving cream can be poured on a towel and then wiped on the mirror. The fog will instantly disappear. However, if water makes its way to the mirror again, you’ll have to go through the same process again. Alternatively, you can spray the mirror with a homemade solution. Combine 3 cups of water with 3 tablespoons of liquid soap in a spray bottle before shaking its contents. Apply the solution to the mirror with sprays that span across the entire mirror. Wipe the mirror down with a dry rag to complete the process of defogging your JPocker mirror.

Purple Girl's Bedroom

Are you in search for a girl's bedroom design that's not only pleasing to the eyes but comes with lots of storage solutions? Then this awesome purple girl's bedroom design might be the one you're looking for!

Love it's color and the simplicity of the design and furniture arrangement is just so perfect! This even fits a small room space. I personally like the under the bed storage and the open shelves on top.  Everything is within your reach. If you would notice, the furniture used is compact. It's concentrated on one area, so there will be more spaces available for other purposes like a study, play or a work area.  

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Space Saving Bedroom

If your bedroom has a limited space and organizing your personal stuff has always been a problem, then this bed area with attached storage spaces can be the answer to your problem. :)

In this design, you could notice that no space was wasted.  Lots of shelves and drawers to keep everything in one place.  I also love it's contrasting color!  Maybe because I'm a big fan of orange. :)  If you have 2 kids and there is a need for them to share a bedroom, perhaps this bed space design can give both of them some privacy.  It can be installed on both ends of the room and the central area of the room can be as a work space where study tables can be placed.  You may also want to add up a seating area in the middle which would served as a divider between the two bed spaces.

Awesome idea!  

Consider the Benefits of Ski Resort Property Ownership

With the 2002 Winter Olympics, Utah gained notoriety for its pristine mountains, powdery fresh snow, and the culture of friendliness that pervades the state. As with all areas that host the Olympic festivities, Utah and more specifically, Salt Lake City and Park City tourism has increased. Many people have realized that the beauty of Park City is unmatched and the Park City luxury real estate market is a prime investment for a vacation home or a permanent residence.

Permanent Residence

If you live in Utah already then you know the beauty that is found therein. You may be upgrading your current residence in Park City or moving from another city or town. You may be relocating from another state or country and be a novice to the area. What ever the reason for your move, the real estate professionals you choose will be able to help you find the best residence for your needs.

Vacation Residence

If you aren’t ready to make Park City your permanent home but want the perks of having a vacation home, your real estate professionals can help you find the perfect home to bring your family and friends to ski the powdery slopes of the Canyons, Deer Valley, and Park City ski resorts. Don’t worry about only being able to utilize your vacation home in the winter season, there is plenty to do in the off-season as well. You can enjoy the Canyons music series, Kimball Arts Festival, and plenty of ski resort excitement with alpine slides, beautiful hiking trails, and more. The bonus is the fact that the Salt Lake City International Airport is only 20 minutes away which makes traveling in and out as easy as pie.


The best thing about purchasing a Park City luxury real estate property is the investment value it brings. If you feel up to renting it out when you are not visiting, you can gain back much of what you spend each month. If you don’t want to worry about the hassle of renting out your property, you will still gain an advantage on your investment if you ever choose to sell.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Pantry Organizing Labels For Free

Found these lovely  "free download" pantry labels and I just find these perfect for my kitchen as I just have started collecting some jars few months ago to store my pantry items.  This is a good way to keep our pantry items looking neat and organized.  Thanks to the label designer Emily McDowell for these cute labels.

You can also download these "free labels" if you want to have these in your kitchen.

You can click this link to download.

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Indicators That You Need Foundation Repair

Your foundation plays a huge role in the structural integrity of your entire home. A good foundation in good repair can make the difference between a safe home and one that is not structurally sound. A damaged foundation can lead to many other dangerous and expensive problems for your home. Because foundation problems develop slowly over time, it is possible to detect the signs of foundation problems before your home is at serious risk for damage. There are some things in your environment that can put your foundation at risk for damage. First, if you have expansive soil with a high potential for shrinking and swelling around your foundation, then your foundation is at greater risk for damage. Additionally, plumbing problems and leaking can cause moisture buildup around your foundation, which affects the stability of your foundation. So, if you have had plumbing problems, it may be important to check the soil around your foundation for extra moisture and foundation damage. Also, in areas where the weather changes constantly from dry to wet, the soil around a house’s foundation is also constantly expanding and contracting, which can weaken your foundation’s support. If you have any of these factors in your home environment, then you may want to have your foundation inspected, or you may want to look for signs that indicate damages that call for foundation repair in Houston.

Signs of Damage

First, cracks in a home’s siding can indicate foundation damage. For example, a brick home that has developed cracks in the brick or mortar probably has a damaged foundation that needs repair. Along the same lines, cracks in your walls also indicate that your foundation is shifting and affecting the structure of your home. Next, if your doors are becoming uneven or your windows are becoming difficult to open, then your foundation may be to blame. Similarly, if the corners of your moldings or baseboards are starting to separate, your foundation is probably in need of repair because it is shifting. Finally, cracking or sloping in flooring also indicates foundation damaged. If you are noticing these signs, then you may need foundation repair in Houston. 

Shelves In A Door?

Just found this unique idea of putting some shelves in a door.  Really a space saver, isn't it?  But I guess, in order to keep the things stored in the shelves intact, a glass cover should be installed.  You may also want to have secret shelves so in that case, shelves should be covered with wooden panels similar to the door,  

A lot of things can actually be done if you really want to be organized!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Entertainment Room

We used to dream of putting an entertainment room in the house, but space has always been a problem since    our house has a limited floor area.  We have the essentials like 3 bedrooms, kitchen and dining area, bathroom, dirty kitchen, porch and a garage but we couldn't add up extra rooms such as a working area or a study room, home office or an entertainment room.  Because of space problems, I became a number one fan of storage solutions.

My daughter used to tell me before that it would be nice to have an entertainment room which they can also use to accept visitors but I have turned down the idea long ago.  She even wanted to have some musical instruments in place such as guitars, pearl drum set and keyboards.  I told her though that such would be a waste of money and effort as I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be used more often as we are all busy in the house.  For now, she is contented with her very first guitar that we've bought a couple of years back. (lol)

Anyway, if I would add up additional room in the house, I prefer an outdoor space or a home office.  That's my priority for now. (winks)

DIY Glass Cleaner

My house has plenty of mirrors around.  I love to decorate with mirrors as it gives an illusion of a larger space.  Beside that, it also makes your house looks elegant.  As this is the case for my house, I used to include glass cleaner in my shopping list.  However, you would notice that some good brands are really expensive.  Sometimes, it also becomes a burden especially if you let your house helpers do the task and has the tendency to put your cleaning solution into waste by applying too much or by simply not being mindful of the expenses as they are not the ones purchasing it anyway.

I am glad that I found this DIY Glass Cleaner from  It can save us a lot from our grocery expenses by doing these simple steps:

Make your own streak-free glass cleaner by mixing a solution of 2 cups water, 2 cups rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 cup ammonia. Put the mixture in a spray bottle (32 ounces or larger) and use a clean, absorbent lint-free rag (soft cotton is ideal) to wipe the glass.

The ammonia does most of the cleaning and the alcohol speeds up the drying time to help eliminate streaks.

You can try it too!

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