Thursday, August 8, 2013

Indicators That You Need Foundation Repair

Your foundation plays a huge role in the structural integrity of your entire home. A good foundation in good repair can make the difference between a safe home and one that is not structurally sound. A damaged foundation can lead to many other dangerous and expensive problems for your home. Because foundation problems develop slowly over time, it is possible to detect the signs of foundation problems before your home is at serious risk for damage. There are some things in your environment that can put your foundation at risk for damage. First, if you have expansive soil with a high potential for shrinking and swelling around your foundation, then your foundation is at greater risk for damage. Additionally, plumbing problems and leaking can cause moisture buildup around your foundation, which affects the stability of your foundation. So, if you have had plumbing problems, it may be important to check the soil around your foundation for extra moisture and foundation damage. Also, in areas where the weather changes constantly from dry to wet, the soil around a house’s foundation is also constantly expanding and contracting, which can weaken your foundation’s support. If you have any of these factors in your home environment, then you may want to have your foundation inspected, or you may want to look for signs that indicate damages that call for foundation repair in Houston.

Signs of Damage

First, cracks in a home’s siding can indicate foundation damage. For example, a brick home that has developed cracks in the brick or mortar probably has a damaged foundation that needs repair. Along the same lines, cracks in your walls also indicate that your foundation is shifting and affecting the structure of your home. Next, if your doors are becoming uneven or your windows are becoming difficult to open, then your foundation may be to blame. Similarly, if the corners of your moldings or baseboards are starting to separate, your foundation is probably in need of repair because it is shifting. Finally, cracking or sloping in flooring also indicates foundation damaged. If you are noticing these signs, then you may need foundation repair in Houston. 

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