Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Avoid

Kitchen remodeling in NJ can be a big undertaking. When you are making remodeling decisions for your kitchen, there are some trendy trends that you probably want to avoid so that your remodeled kitchen doesn’t go back out of style in a year or two. For example, right now white or arctic-colored appliances are very trendy for new kitchens. This popular trend, however, like other popular color choices for appliances (you remember teal refrigerators in the 1950s, right?), is already starting to peter out. For this reason, the classic stainless steal option is the safest option for maintaining a classic, timeless look for your kitchen appliances. Here are some more tips to keep your kitchen looking up to date.

Kitchen Storage

One very important role your kitchen has is that of storage. Because of all of the different kinds of appliances and equipment that you use in your kitchen, it is important to have good storage for your kitchen. First, small appliance storage can be tricky. In the past, many people had “appliance garages” in their kitchens for all of their small appliances, but people got annoyed with having to go to their garage everytime they needed an appliance that they used often. For this reason, a more convenient and less trendy decision may be to store the appliances you use the most on your counters and then store the rest of your small appliances in pull-out drawers. Also, for storing pots and pans, a popular trend starting in 2009 was to hang pots and pans from a pot rack, usually over the stove. Pot rack popularity is waning, however, and a more timeless option may be to store your pots and pans in deep drawers that can roll out. Even more helpful are roll-out drawers that have built in racks for keeping your pots and pans easily organized and accessible.

Kitchen Niches

Often you will find that homes have a desk area in the kitchen; in fact, 10 years ago, this style was all the rage. People have come to find, however, that the desks ends up acting as a very visible breading ground for junk and clutter. When making plans for kitchen remodeling in NJ, you may want to avoid the popular trend for kitchen niches and instead opt for a drawer where you can store your pens, paper, keys, and bills.

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