Monday, August 19, 2013

Multifunctional Space

     Modern Living Room by Brooklyn Architects & Designers Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

I've long been wanting to create a multifunctional space where I can have a work space connected with either the dining room or the living room.  But honestly, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to make the two complement with each other.  Maybe because I find it a little bit absurd having a work space in a little corner of your dining area or kitchen or even in the living room.  Not until I found this modern living room design which doubles as a working area in this beautiful apartment.  Everything complements well in this design from the color and the choice of furniture.  Everything is neatly arranged!

I think the cue is, if you have a small space, it would be a wise move to customize rather than to buy a ready made furniture from the local shops and try to fit everything in the room.  If we do this, chances are there would be some spaces wasted.  I have the same dilemma in my own bedroom.  I ordered all the furniture from a shop only to realize later that it's quite hard to make everything look nice and fit perfectly in a standard bedroom space.  Now, I wanted to customize but I have already bought those pieces of furniture and can't do much as I do not want to waste the money that I used in buying those stuff. 

The key is proper planning and being creative at the same time. 

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