Sunday, August 25, 2013

Roof Leaks

I've been hearing a lot of complaints from both my kids about the recent typhoon Maring which caused a lot of destruction and discomfort to most of the Filipino families.  Thanks God, our house did not get flooded at all but my son has been complaining about the water leaks from the roof of his bedroom and in our dirty kitchen.  The sad thing was that we had it repaired few times already but it seemed that the ones who checked on the roof were not able to rectify the problem.  We were affected this much when the house next to ours whose owner happens to be my eldest sister had started with the construction of the second floor of their old house.  What a mess!  However, we can't do much at this point but just to accept things and find solutions to our problems. It gives me a lot of stress sometimes.

Good thing that my kids were able to manage well and now that typhoon Maring has finally left, the next thing to do after the massive clean up is to find a reliable handyman who could fix the leak problems on some parts of our roof.  Meanwhile, my daughter has been very busy at school despite all these inconveniences brought about by typhoon Maring.  She got a bunch of video editing jobs that she needs to accomplish in time for their exams.  Everyone in the house is busy and even my daughter's hobby of playing her guitar was put aside.  I guess even a Pro Audio at musician's friend would not be enough to draw her attention from tons of her school projects.  Well that's life.  I myself is too busy with a lot of things.  Sometimes, my time management skills are being put into test and glad that I'm still coping up.

Anyway, month is nearly to end and let;s just hope for a better September.

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