Monday, October 21, 2013

Home Made Gifts

Since we are into cup cake business, I am thinking of just baking sweet cup cakes as Christmas present to friends and relatives.  My son Edmar was the one who started with the business actually.  I encouraged him to study baking during his free time last April  which he willingly obliged.  I remember that since he was a toddler, he really loved sweet foods particularly chocolates.  One time, we were in a duty free shop for some grocery shopping and I was busy looking at some food items on the shelves and I suddenly forgot about my son.  He just keeps on following me wherever I go around the supermarket when suddenly, a security personnel called my attention.  He requested me to pay for a box of chocolates at the cashier's counter while pointing to my son.  Only then I realized that he took a box of chocolate from the display shelves and started eating it while I'm busy getting some pantry items.  He really loves chocolates.  Now that he's a already a grown up, he still crave for some premium chocolate brands but his preference for gifts had already changed from plain chocolates to jewelries.  He would love to have one from Le Vian chocolate diamond selection. 

Boys will always be boys but I'm convinced that their wants and needs changes to cope up with the time. No matter what, he would still and will always be my loving son who has remained cute, sweet and dependable.    

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