Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hunting for Antiques Can Be an Adventure

You have just bought a vintage home that was built in the early 1900s. It has been restored beautifully and now you need to furnish it. The items you want to put in the house need to be from that era as well, or as close as possible to that era as you can find. There are many places to look for antiques in Los Angeles and you are going to start with the one closest to the location of your new house.

The First Store

When you walk into the first antique store, you are overwhelmed by the smell and the sheer amount of the items they had crammed into the space of their store. The smell wasn’t a particularly bad smell, it was just thick as you entered the store. As you wander through the small and cramped aisles, you can’t see the larger things because of all of the smaller things crowded around them. The owners of the store were very friendly and willing to help, but you couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

The Next Store

The next store you went into was much more spread out and each type of antique piece was in its own section. The first item on your list is a bed with four posts. You want a massive headboard, and this second store has the perfect match to what you had in mind. They also had an armoire that would go perfectly in the bedroom and would hold the television and all of the stereo equipment you plan to put in there. The other item you just had to have was a dining room table that was standing all alone in one corner of the store. It didn’t have any chairs with it, but it was perfect for the formal dining room that you needed to furnish now. You found some mismatched dining room chairs that would go great with the room and the table. There will be other chairs at other antique stores for you to find. Your list was far from all checked off, and you were looking forward to hunting for the other pieces among all the other stores that sold antiques in Los Angeles.

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