Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mardi Gras Celebration

After more than 6 years, I finally had the chance to witness the Olongapo City Mardi Gras which is traditionally celebrated October of each year.  My daughter asked for a permission to join the Mardi Gras celebration with her school friends and as a doting Mom, I would not allow her to come home very late alone.  Even our city doesn't have a high incident of crime rate, I still would like to ensure the safety of my daughter.  So, to enable her to attend the Mardi Gras and at the same time ensure that she will be safe going back home, my son and I had decided to follow her and wait for the time that she and her friends would finally call it a night.  

The celebration hasn't changed through the years.  It is a party on the streets, thus you would expect to see several stages showcasing some live bands. Some were invited from Manila while others are just the local bands in the city.  I was amazed that the traditional Mardi Gras had an overwhelming response from the Olongapenians, as the whole street was really crowded and you could hardly talk to each other due to the blasting sounds of the large speakers on stage.  There were rock bands who entertained the crowd with their music using  their schecter omen bass.  Sad to say, I'd never been a fan of rock music even during my younger years.  

At any rate, all the Olongapenians especially the students had a blast during the night and I am happy that I had the privilege to witness such a celebration once again.

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