Saturday, November 23, 2013

Adding Colors To My Garden

I've been itching to do this since I came back home last October but I can't find the perfect time since I'm super duper busy. :)

That's why I'm so glad that finally, I was able to find time to retouch the paint of my garden.  It's been colorful ever since but after a series of typhoon in the Philippines, not to mention that our city was the center of a great flood that took place last September, what can you expect but a total disaster!  My whole garden was submerged in water.  Good thing that my plants are still alive but a massive cleaning took place to bring everything back to order.  You see, we have to do general cleaning for weeks just to get rid of the debris caused by massive raining and floods.  Glad that we're back to normal now.

After this, I might be starting with my vegetable garden soon. :)

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