Monday, November 4, 2013

Custom Made Closet

Here's the finished product of the bedroom closet that we've designed for our bedroom.  We hired our fave wood carpenter to do this one for us.  I've decided that from now on, all the wooden furniture in the house will be custom made and will be done according to our design and specifications.  I think it's all worth it!  It's more expensive than the normal store brought furniture but we can be assured that these are durable and would exactly fit the space where we intend to place the furniture.  Another advantage is that, we can plan ahead how many shelves, how many drawers and what to put where before the furniture is fabricated, so we can assure that it can accommodate all our important stuff.

I used to experienced before that after I bought the furniture from the store and delivered into our home, that's the only time I realized that all my stuff wouldn't fit in and it's not exactly fitted to the allotted space. Apart from this consideration, durability is the point of argument here.  With custom made furniture, I could personally decide on what materials will be used and I always choose the thickest plywood and the most durable ones.  

Now I've just changed two TV racks and a big closet in my bedroom.  I am pleased with the result though.  it's worth the wait. :)

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