Wednesday, November 6, 2013

House Warming

I was invited by a friend in their house warming and she was very excited with their new home.  She told me that she's been searching shops for home decors and furniture that would fit her new home.  I was surprised to see that they have a music room in the house.  I was aware that they came from a family of musicians but I am not expecting that she will really exert an effort to have a music room.  It was lovely.  I saw some sophisticated musical instruments which are all part of their family's collection.  There was an organ which was actually a pass down from her parents, a violin owned by her eldest son, an electric guitar and a drum set.  There was no irish drum though but what they had is considered good enough.  

I enjoyed the occasion much more the scrumptious foods that they have prepared for dinner.  There were few song numbers and it was fun!  I love how the house was decorated.  It was simple yet elegant.  I bought her a set of scented candles in pretty and elegant containers as a house warming gift and I'm glad that she loved it.  It's actually my first time to attend a house warming and I thank her for the experience.  

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