Wednesday, December 25, 2013

At Home on Christmas

Hi everyone! How was your Christmas?  As for me, we had a great time at home with the family. We had our Noche Buena, followed by attending a holy mass aired on ABS-CBN and then a short chat with hubby and finally, the most awaited exchange of gifts among members of the family.  It was a family tradition to have an exchange gift every Christmas and it's a fun filled activity where every member of the family get to enjoy every Christmas eve.  Everyone was excited to open their gifts and even out pets shih-tzus, Marcus and Lucio received their gifts too from all of us. :)

Marcus and Lucio received some treats from all of us and Marcus was very pleased with his toy.  In fact he opened the gift all by himself. lol

I was glad that my daughter loves her gift.  I gave her what she truly needs.  Well, she's not expecting to receive a Dean Markley guitar strings at musicians friend and she was equally happy with what she got.  My son had lots of shoes and I gave him a nice shoe organizer and a set of skin care products.  We all gave healthy treats for Mom as these are really what she needs now and she was all smiles when she opened her presents. Oh and before I forget, I got a very nice present from my daughter and son too.  I will post it on my other blog, soon.

Christmas is always nice to celebrate with family and for me, that's the true essence of Christmas.

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