Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Home Appliances Repair

As most of our home appliances were submerged in water during the great flood which affected our city last September, we've managed to get the personal services of our regular technician who used to come to the house for the repair of some electronic appliances and fixing of our electrical switches and sockets.  Glad that 90% were already restored back to their original condition.  I was actually worried then that our newly purchased desktop and printer were also damaged but I was happy to hear from my son then that he was able to secure these before the water level has gone up.

Our home theater was not damaged though but it seemed like the speakers were slightly affected as these no longer perform efficiently same like before.  Browsing online, I've seen some cool genelec speakers at musicians friend and was pleased with lots of good reviews I've seen about their performance.  I'm thinking if I could get one for the house but I'm still thinking if our old speakers can still be repaired by our technician. As a home maker, it pays to be practical and wise. :)

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