Monday, December 16, 2013

Simple Christmas Decors

This year, we've decided to be a bit relaxed on our Christmas decors.  After a series of calamities that happened in the Philippines, we felt that we have to be a bit vigilant with our spending.  Saving for unforeseen events is really a must for every family especially that the cost of living now a days is really that high and unless you're having a decent family income, it's quite hard to get by.

Anyway, we've just made use of our old Christmas decors at home.  We didn't buy anything except for some Christmas flowers and ribbons that we've  added up to our Christmas tree.  I actually wanted a nice "parol" and "belen" but I will just save it for next year.  :)

I've also spent quite a lot to restore our home after we get affected by the great flood this year. I spent on new furniture to replace the worn out ones and for the repair of some electrical appliances. Fixing, decluttering and organizing comes next.  It's really a tough job but since it was a family effort where we get to share all the work loads, everything seemed to be that easy. 

Adding some colors to my garden to complement the "joyous atmosphere" of the holiday season is all what it takes to complete the look.

I painted all our flower and plant pots in red and green color just to make our yard more appealing.

Since our garden was built up, I always see to it that it's properly maintained.  I paid around $650 for the landscaping services and I just thought that maintaining it is the least that I could do to keep my money's worth.  I personally painted everything around the garden and it gives me a great relief seeing that everything was restored after the flood.

I have made some final touches inside the house but not as grand as what I initially planned.  the most important thing is that I was able to fix and organize everything in no time.

This is more than enough to make our Christmas this year truly special.  I'm, finally back home now and that matters most to me. :)


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