Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why Undergo a Kitchen Remodel?

Every time you walk into your kitchen, you are reminded why you hate to use it. But do you need to go through an entire kitchen remodel in Gainseville, FL, or just make a few minor changes? The following are situations where a more extensive remodel is the desirable option, even given the time and expense involved. What you will end up with is a kitchen that is fun to use and easily accommodates your cooking style. Take-out won’t look so attractive anymore.

Obstructed or Massive Work Triangles

If the way is obstructed between your sink, your countertop or island, and your refrigerator, cooking becomes a major hassle and takes far too long to be enjoyable. Even if the way is not obstructed with cabinets, ill-placed storage areas, or the mop bucket (because you don’t have a closet nearby), a huge work triangle will leave you exhausted; there is such a thing as too big of a kitchen. If what it takes to create a functional work triangle is a remodel, you should definitely consider having it done. Removing any obstructions is the key, and that may mean moving one or more of the elements in the triangle. If your kitchen feels like a commercial kitchen that requires lots of walking between stations, reduce the square footage of the kitchen area to something manageable and comfortable. The legs of your work triangle should never add up to more than 25 feet, and you should have complete freedom to move between the elements with ease. If necessary, add an island or additional counter space to simplify prep and cleanup activities. Another important consideration is the kitchen flooring.  You may not only be concerned about the mobility and size of your kitchen, it is also a must to have a clean and elegant looking kitchen and the best way to start is by upgrading your flooring to something that's unique, elegant, versatile engineered oak flooring from There are variety of colors to choose from and you can opt for the one that could complement the overall look of your kitchen. 

You Just Hate It

If improving your kitchen will encourage you to use it more often, a carefully budgeted remodel could be just the thing. Don’t mistake hating cooking and cleaning with hating your kitchen, however. Consider the layout, storage capacity, and the condition of cupboards, counters, and appliances as you contemplate spending several thousand or more on a remodel. If you feel that making significant changes is the only thing standing between you and your career as an amateur foodie (or just as a parent hoping to feed the kids something nutritious and homemade), go for it. Just be sure to incorporate as many timeless and classic elements as possible. The trendier the remodel, the more quickly it will get outdated, and then you’ll end up hating it all over again.

You Want to Sell Your House

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are the two best ways to improve your house for sale. An old, outdated kitchen with a terrible layout will give potential buyers pause even if the rest of the home is lovely. Even a great layout that is filled with very dated features is hard to sell. Don’t overspend on such a remodel in order to recoup as much of your investment as possible at sale. Contact an expert to help you plan a quality kitchen remodel in Gainseville, FL, that will help you sell your house with the least amount of fuss and expenditure.


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