Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Music Room

Did I not mention before that my daughter Mika had shown her love for music at an early age?  When she was in grade 3, she started joining the school band and she was assigned to do the keyboards. Of course, since she did not actually have a formal training and was just being trained by her class adviser, it was not very easy for her to learn.  She could just play a couple of piece that time but she had shown eagerness to develop her talent more. However, due to her busy schedule at school trying to maintain her class standing, she didn't push through anymore.  At home, she would just play her guitar and watch tutorials from You Tube.  I remembered being entertained by her whenever I was on vacation at home.  She plays quite well despite of not having a sophisticated guitar.   Her kind of music would had been better if she's equipped with quality instruments like ampeg micro-vr at guitar center.  

I once dreamt of having a music room at home where we could gather together various kinds of musical instruments and probably a drum set for my son.  That thing did not materialize though as I later realized that there are better priorities than having a music room at home as this will not really be functional unless one of the family members will be using it as part of his profession.  I mean practicality wise, it would be better to come up with a room that will be used and enjoyed by all members of the family.

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