Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chinese New Year

I've been watching TV programs like Kris TV and Rated K featuring home decors that could bring prosperity when conspicuously positioned in  your homes.  They featured different kinds of lucky charms that could be bought in local shops while others can be made by ourselves right in our own homes using ordinary materials like paper bills and coins. 

I'm not really strict when it comes to following traditions but I believe that there's no harm in trying.  While we make these rituals and decors that could promise a healthy life and prosperous new year to everyone , I still believe that we have to work hard in everything that we wish to achieve in life.  Faith and hard work is normally the winning combination.  But as I said, following these traditions make our lives more fun and exciting so I sometimes follow traditions especially if it's doable.   They said red and gold are the lucky colors that should be found in your homes if you wish to attract fortune and good life this 2014.  The usual tradition of welcoming the new year with a big bang has been a normal practice for everyone.  When we welcome the new year on the eve of December 31, we created sounds using aluminum pots and horns as we didn't buy any fire crackers.  Well, I guess if you have Stagg cymbals, so much the better. :)     

I don't normally celebrate Chinese New Year but I am sometimes tempted to put some decors in the house especially those that were believed to bring luck and prosperity.  Well, for this year maybe I would just buy some foods and fruits that are believed to bring luck and prosperity.  

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