Monday, January 27, 2014

Household Inventory

Just yesterday, I was doing a quick check of all the appliances and furniture in the house.  I was trying to determine which items need maintenance and repair.  I was away from home for almost seven years having only about a month vacation twice a year so I did not really get the chance to examine everything in the house.  Now that I'm already a WAHM, I am taking the opportunity to manage my household well. Checking what's inside the house and which one needs repair should be a primary consideration.  I am glad that even we were affected by typhoon "Habagat" which brought about a great flood in our city, my appliances are still in running condition.  Some were repaired and some were not totally affected.  Thanks God that all our TV units and home theater were not affected at all. That home theater is really important in the house.  We love having movie marathon and we also love listening to music. This is also being used at home during small gatherings and it is serving us quite well.  I don't need to buy a sophisticated pignose hog 30 amp  just to keep the party going.  Hubby bought our home theater abroad and i think he successfully got a durable one.  So far, so good.  I am done with the maintenance and repair of all the household appliances including our AC unit in the room. Everything is now in good running condition.  I think, it's time to set aside an envelope to separate some funds for the repairs and maintenance.  It pays to be prepared during unforeseen circumstances especially that our country has been suffering from typhoons and other forms of calamities.

That's the dilemma of being a home maker. :)

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