Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Space Saving Bedside Storage


I have a limited space in my bedroom as I've chosen to have a large closet to accommodate my things.  That, plus a large bed and a small TV rack to hold a component, DVD players, speakers and a LED TV hung on the wall is enough to fill my room.  I've already get rid of my mini dresser as I don't really find it functional.  I already have a mirror attached to the wall which is enough for me to fix myself when dressing up.  I didn't install any desk as I'm using my laptop on top of my bed using the laptop desk given to me by my daughter last Christmas.

What I think that I need though is a bedside table to hold my drink whenever I'm watching TV in the room or to hold a book, a bottle of medicines or my eyeglasses.  The problem is, I don't the luxury of space for this.  I still have a space for that beside my bed but I don't want to use the floor space anymore.  

Looking at the photo above, I've finally found an idea, a hanging bedside table!   But since, there's already a mirror attached to the wall where I intend to install the hanging bedside table, probably, I'm getting away with the magnetic board.  I already have it on another place anyway.  Also, I guess, I would have my bedside table foldable as I only intend to use it when required.  So, I can flip it up and down whenever I want.

Smart idea! 

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