Monday, January 6, 2014

Water Supply

It's already the first month of the year and I guess we are all waiting for the summer fun!  Summer is the best time for family bonding activities.  Picnics, out of town trips, malling, strolling, doing some outdoor games and hosting BBQ parties are only few of the many activities that we could do this summer but is our house ready for the summer?  

In some areas in our city, water supply has been a major problem especially for those who are situated on elevated areas. If your house is on the same location, you might want to find a high pressure pump.  I know how inconvenient it is to have a very low water supply especially on summer where you need to take shower more often, and if you have a garden or having lots of potted plants around the house, you also need water to keep them alive.  It's very frustrating to open the faucet early in the morning only to find out that you have  a very low water pressure and you can't hardly collect enough water for your early morning bath. 

As for my case, I am not so much affected by this as we are situated in a low lying area where the flow of water supply has never really been a problem.  Despite of this, I am also thinking of purchasing a medium sized water tank to have a water reserve in case there will be an interruption in our water supply system in the city.  It pays to be ready to avoid difficulties. :) 

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