Thursday, February 27, 2014

Add Colors To Your Outdoors

Plants and flowers normally beautify our homes.  It livens up our house and gives that relaxing atmosphere.  I do believe that no matter how small or simple your house is, adding plants around the yard  especially in front of the house can do a lot of wonders.  This is tried and tested!  Besides plants have cooling effects.  Not only would it give you an airy atmosphere but it will also give you a fresh and clean environment.

I momentarily stopped collecting plants when I worked abroad as I am not around the house to look after these anyway.  We just lived up to what we currently have. But now that I am finally back home, my desire to have a greener environment became even stronger and this time, I am adding up a vegetable garden.

I've passed by a garden center last week end on our way to the market and I've found new plant varieties that I still don't have at home.  The price shocked me though but I would rather spend for something that would make me happy and would last rather than shop for fancy clothes and accessories.  Well, it really depends on what we really want for ourselves.  I might start adding up to my collection now and I am hoping for a big improvement in my garden this summer.

I'm just excited to post more photos of my revived garden when it gets complete.  Hope you could visit here again, then. :) 

Soundproofing Your Room

Have you had a problem before about getting so much noise from the neighborhood and it seems that you have no way out to finish your pending online projects or tasks no matter how much you wanted to?  Well, this is especially true for WAHM's.  Aside form blogging, I also teach online and having a quiet and a peaceful environment really matters a lot to me.  But what about if your son out there in the living room is playing music using mackie pa speakers at guitar center? Will it bothers you?  Yes, of course!  But I know that the house should be shared with the rest of the family members and they too, should have a freedom to do what they want during their free time.  The only solution to this problem, I guess is soundproofing your room.  There are few simple soundproofing strategies that you could choose from.  You may add some carpets and rugs all over the room as this can help absorbed some of the noise and spiff up the room.  You may also want to invest on good quality solid doors.  This may be a bit costly but it will be of great value in the long run.  Some home owners also use acoustic panels in their rooms as this is believed to be good in absorbing sound.  You may also want to install a drywall to your rooms.  This could provide an insulation between wall layers and thus reduce the amount of sound that could pass through the wall.

These are just some of the many ways to soundproof your homes and these are proven to be the most inexpensive, too.  Your private room is your sanctuary and it's just appropriate that you should enjoy some kind of privacy especially if you are using this room in line with your profession.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting A Quality Home Insurance

As real properties have been my sort of investment over the years, I just felt that I have made the right choice on where to invest my hard earned money.  Now a days, it's not so easy to enter into a business without you really knowing the basics.  Investing on a business requires a great deal amount of money and experience and you have to do a lot of research and preparations if you really want to succeed.  While investing on stocks proved to be a worthwhile option, it also involves a large amount of risk.  I am a person who hates taking risks as I wanted to put my hard earned money on something that could give me assurance.  This is where I thought of investing on real estate.  I don't have a large amount of capital though so I have just started with a decent amount and go on from there.  I would say that investing on real estate is so far the best option for me.  No doubt that the amount of money involved is quite big but the reward is great.  This is a kind of investment where your money works for you instead of you working for the money.   It is a kind of solid investment where the amount of profit can be overwhelming.

The only downside of investing in real estate though aside from long term liquidation is the presence of  major hazards like fire, flood and storm damage, subsidence and other forms of major calamities. These are something that could not be foreseen and therefore, it is just wise for us to get assured of the safety of our investment.  This is where home insurance comes to the scene.  Most home buildings insurance will cover these risks in a policy and depending on the policy you have chosen, you will have a fund sufficient enough to rebuild your homes in an event of loss.

Home insurance is designed to offer financial protection for your most valuable asset...your homes.  I guess, it is not really a pain on the neck getting one if you really wanted to have that peace of mind and restful sleep. To think that your hard earned money in a form of your real estate investment is protected is something that's worth considering.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Manage Garage Door Repair

What happens when your garage door suddenly stops working? Garage door repair can cost you upwards of $450. Dealing with an untimely repair can be financially devastating for some people. This is why you need to call Seaman’s Doors & Awnings as they provide a number of services with fair pricing. Here are a few tips to follow to troubleshoot your garage door.

Remove Obstacles

If your garage door keeps going up and won’t close, look to see if there are obstacles in the way. Even something as small as a twig will cause a door to open if it is obstructing the sensor. Try cleaning the sensor as dust and debris can cause problems for the laser.

Lubricate Rollers

One thing that garage doors can do is make a loud squeaky sound. If you notice the door seems to make a high-pitched noise, the rollers can be dirty. Try cleaning the rollers by lubricating them. If this doesn’t work, change the rollers. New rollers will be quieter, reducing the annoying squeaky noise.

Tighten Loose Components

Older garage doors can have issues with the alignment. You need to tighten the loose components to keep the door working correctly. The warning sign of problems with the nuts is a loud noise. It can cause the door to come off its track, which can cause a major injury if you aren’t careful.

Adjust the Springs

Years of opening and closing can cause the springs to become loose. You need to make simple adjustments to the springs that will allow them to work correctly. Usually the door will not close or open completely if the springs are having issues.

Garage Door Service

If the garage door is making a loud banging noise, or the operator is loud when it opens, call a professional. The door could have a broken piece that needs to be replaced. Large dents in the door are the warning sign that you need to replace a section of the door. Aluminum garage doors are easy to bend, which can cause the door to shift off the track. Contact Seaman’s Doors & Awnings for more information about garage door repair.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jewelry Organizer

I'm now finding ways to organize my fashion accessories and jewelries.  I have already started with something but I'm not totally done yet.  It seems that I am still looking for some accessory organizers in a way that I could maximize my space without compromising the easy access to my accessory collection.  I have found some ideas online and some are really cool.  Here are some of my favorites:

I guess it's really more practical to make use of a hanging organizer rather than the one that you still need to put on a desk or on any space within your closet.  That would save you a lot of space.  Apart from that, it can also be used as an attractive display inside your bedroom.

Speaking of jewelries, I intend to add up few more pieces to my collection but I have to source for the best one that comes with an affordable price tag.  I am thinking to find jewelry on Facebook, probably there are few stores there who could cater to my needs.   I am also planning to recommend one to a family friend who is planning to get married early next year. :)

I guess, I just have to find the perfect time to purchase some jewelries and also to prepare an organizer which will perfectly fit my space in the bedroom. I am already excited to complete my organizing projects. Still a long way to go but I am slowly progressing with all my plans and perhaps this jewelry organizer will be the next one.  

Handmade Remote Control Holder

We had several appliances in the living room and I find that our remote controls are unorganized.  In fact, there are times where I could hardly find the one for the DVD player and on other times, the one for the televisions.  Apart from that, we are also using remote control for our cable digital box and we have several digital boxes at home so it's really a kind of messy to have all the remote controls in place.

I've seen this handmade design from Etsy and I think that this is the one that I would like to have.  I love the fact that it can be hang over the arm rest of the sofa and you can even choose the color of the fabric to match your  living room color motif.  I think it's very easy to do too in case you want to do it yourself.  You can just buy a piece of fabric with the color of your choice and those pockets can just be easily sewn to match your remote controls.

I am going to make one soon.  Will post here the outcome on my future posts. :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Eco-friendly Containerised Shipping Design Creates Greater Fuel Efficiency

Container ship design has altered increasingly in recent years as they are seen more as the work horses of the oceans rather than the sleek thoroughbred yachts favoured by several Russian oligarchs.

It is just as well because their payloads are not the rich finery of the mega wealthy but the well-proportioned and stocked bulwarks of the largest vessels on the oceans, so huge that they dwarf the more beautiful playthings that have the temerity to contest the waters of the high seas. These megaton vessels plough the shipping lanes of the world several nautical miles from the tranquil harbours where the much smaller playthings of the rich wallow at anchor.


For as international maritime trade and commerce has increased exponentially, so the designers to take advantage of the economies of scale with increased numbers of containers requiring fewer ships to transport them across the oceans from port to port. The increase in containerised shipping has also seen the burgeoning of container ports throughout the world with its incumbent boost in port container services.


The majority of container shipping has been designed and built since 1980 and with the standardisation of containers some 20 years previously, businesses can regulate their container payloads to specific company contacts across the globe. Now shipping companies have also tackled the design and development of their containerised vessels to accommodate an increased number of containers being shipped across the oceans.

 Port Container Services

This has meant that port container services have followed suit, upping their game to facilitate these economies of scale. Company merchandise has been transported in the past, loosely in the holds of ships with boxed packaging strapped to open decks. Business and not design was at the forefront of their minds. The advent of the container and its subsequent standardisation has meant that not only are containers stored below deck, they are also stacked several storeys high, well above the water line.


Container shipping lines have increased the capacity of their vessels unchecked over the last half century to keep up with this global trade expansion with fewer vessels enabled to handle ever increasing number of containers which has meant that the design of this shipping has had to be addressed. Vessels that had once been limited to the narrow and long format of tankers could now be designed and reconstructed for a wider girth while maintaining the previous lengths. Consequently, currently container ships are more than 1200 feet in length and more than 180 feet wide enabling each vessel to carry in the region of 11,000 of the smallest 20 foot containers.

Credit Due

Ports and port container services must also be given credit for addressing the complexities of these huge container ships with greater depths being dredged out of some harbours while the loading and unloading cranes have had to be elevated to ever increasing heights to be able to safely handle shipping containers. One can find more information about this by visiting Container ships designers should also be given credit for readily adopting computerised technology to ensure the seaworthiness, safety and equal distribution of containers throughout utilising specially programmed software.
Engine design has been at the forefront of containerised shipping as increased power was needed to drive these monoliths through ocean swells but the environment has not suffered as a result with greater fuel efficiency and eco friendly emissions than virtually any other form of transport.

Author Bio:

With an insatiable thirst for information about the technology and construction industry, Francis Karlo Rushman is, on the one hand self confident but on the other a realist. With a Masters degree in Urban Planning, this architecture graduate loves nothing better that to solve problems on the job. He is a good listener, communicating well with his contractors and being creative with his solutions on spatiality, design or construction once he has heard his contractors’ input.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pretty Entrance

Looking for a perfect way to brighten up your entrance?  Then this cool design idea might be the one for you!  I think this is so simple and fun to do as there is a mix and match of colors involved.  The colors of the containers are coordinated in a way that it could give a unifying effect.  What more?  This cool design need not be an elaborate job.  Buying few pieces of containers that could be match with what you already have at home can do the trick.  We can never underestimate the beautifying effect of plants and flowers in your homes.  In my case, it has been proven a number of times.

Guess what? I am planning to collect pretty containers that I could bought cheap on a local home shop.  I would just keep on buying few pieces every month until I have gathered as much as I need then I would make a sketch of how am I going to put these on display.  I think I still need to grow some plant varieties that I already have in my garden.  This will be a lot cheaper than buying new ones.

What do you think?


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