Thursday, February 27, 2014

Add Colors To Your Outdoors

Plants and flowers normally beautify our homes.  It livens up our house and gives that relaxing atmosphere.  I do believe that no matter how small or simple your house is, adding plants around the yard  especially in front of the house can do a lot of wonders.  This is tried and tested!  Besides plants have cooling effects.  Not only would it give you an airy atmosphere but it will also give you a fresh and clean environment.

I momentarily stopped collecting plants when I worked abroad as I am not around the house to look after these anyway.  We just lived up to what we currently have. But now that I am finally back home, my desire to have a greener environment became even stronger and this time, I am adding up a vegetable garden.

I've passed by a garden center last week end on our way to the market and I've found new plant varieties that I still don't have at home.  The price shocked me though but I would rather spend for something that would make me happy and would last rather than shop for fancy clothes and accessories.  Well, it really depends on what we really want for ourselves.  I might start adding up to my collection now and I am hoping for a big improvement in my garden this summer.

I'm just excited to post more photos of my revived garden when it gets complete.  Hope you could visit here again, then. :) 


  1. Do post photos! I love plants, too, although I have been so busy lately I have been neglecting my garden...

  2. Plants and flowers do make a difference! They make a place come alive!

  3. Apart from giving your space a spot of color, there's really just something about flowering plants that livens up a place. Hehe. I love coming home to the few potted flowers in front of our house :)


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