Thursday, February 27, 2014

Soundproofing Your Room

Have you had a problem before about getting so much noise from the neighborhood and it seems that you have no way out to finish your pending online projects or tasks no matter how much you wanted to?  Well, this is especially true for WAHM's.  Aside form blogging, I also teach online and having a quiet and a peaceful environment really matters a lot to me.  But what about if your son out there in the living room is playing music using mackie pa speakers at guitar center? Will it bothers you?  Yes, of course!  But I know that the house should be shared with the rest of the family members and they too, should have a freedom to do what they want during their free time.  The only solution to this problem, I guess is soundproofing your room.  There are few simple soundproofing strategies that you could choose from.  You may add some carpets and rugs all over the room as this can help absorbed some of the noise and spiff up the room.  You may also want to invest on good quality solid doors.  This may be a bit costly but it will be of great value in the long run.  Some home owners also use acoustic panels in their rooms as this is believed to be good in absorbing sound.  You may also want to install a drywall to your rooms.  This could provide an insulation between wall layers and thus reduce the amount of sound that could pass through the wall.

These are just some of the many ways to soundproof your homes and these are proven to be the most inexpensive, too.  Your private room is your sanctuary and it's just appropriate that you should enjoy some kind of privacy especially if you are using this room in line with your profession.


  1. Soundproofing really helps to those who work at home, I do really love to have some quite time but can't do anything unless my toddlers take a nap..

  2. Lucky that I am not into music, and when I come home, I just watch TV and sleep or blog! SO there is no need for soundproofing...but it is good to know there are inexpensive methods of soundproofing.

  3. Lucky that I am not into music and when I go home, I usually just watch TV, blog or no need for soundproofing! But it is good to know that there are inexpensive ways of soundproofing, too.

  4. I think for homes that play musical instruments especially drums, it is a good idea to have the room soundproofed. It's just proper to be considerate to the neighbors who likes peace and quiet.

  5. Oh, I need this since I have a toddler who gets easily waken up by noise from outside our home. We should get a carpet, I think that's a good idea. Thanks for postinga about that. It not only sound proofs our home but it could also give a nice accent to a room. :-)


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