Monday, March 24, 2014

7 Essentials For a Stress-Free Move

Whether you’ve always been somewhat of a nomad who’s a dab hand at moving house, or find yourself moving to a new home after many years, check out these 7 essentials for making your move stress-free.

1.       Upstairs, Downstairs
Everything you take with you has to fit through your front or back door. So try to gather all your stuff as close to the departure point as you can. Get all boxes down from the attic or up from the basement before moving day arrives. Clear space in a room that you can do without for a few days before the move and stack everything in there.

2.       Clutter Away
As you move things, get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last couple of years – there’s no point moving it if you don’t need it.

3.       Book a Van
If you’re tackling the move yourself, hire a decent-sized van with a tail lift so you won’t be lifting any more than necessary. In other countries, moving and lifting big furniture items need special assistance. In those cases, furniture removals Sydney are sure to be contacted for assistance.  Get hold of a heavy duty trolley too. When you book the van, consider a company that will let you pick it up the night before so you can get a start on the loading, and perhaps ask if you can return it the day after the move.

4.       Packaging Paper for Moving House
You’ll need the right tools for the job and that means paper packing supplies including paper packaging tape; packaging paper roll; and packaging paper for moving. Keep your boxes small and manageable to eliminate too much heavy lifting. 

5.       Wrap It Up
Use moving supplies packing paper to protect your breakables. Packaging paper for moving house will ensure you wrap your fragile belongings carefully. Use bubble wrap to wrap items like knives and forks and your best crystal.

6.       Label, Label, Label
Don’t simply label your boxes according to which room they’ll be going into. Label them according to where they’ve come from and you’ll have a much better idea where to find that ashtray or coffee mug when you need to take a break. Label your boxes not only on the top but on two sides too so you won’t have to lift each and every box to find out what you’ve put in it. Also make some signs for the new house such as “office, bedroom 1 and bedroom 2” so those helping you move on the day will know where to put each box.

7.       The Essentials
Put together a moving day essentials box. This box should carry things like a kettle and enough mugs for everyone helping as well as sugar, tea and coffee and a carton of Long Life mile. A bottle of water or some welcoming cold drinks on a hot day are also a good idea as are a couple of snacks and a roll or two of toilet paper.

Create another essentials box with a hammer, screwdriver, drill and a couple of nails too. You may even like to include wall plugs in this box and some light bulbs. Bin bags will come in handy too as will large dust sheets on a rainy day. Planning your move and ensuring you have enough boxes and packaging paper for moving house will ensure that your moving day is that much less stressful and hassle-free.

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