Saturday, March 15, 2014

An All Seasons Porch

If you are living in the Philippines, then you should always consider building your outdoor spaces in a way that it would be useful for all seasons.  This was my failure when we built our house.  We should have more areas covered so these could be protected from both sun and heavy rains.  This is actually the reason why I have our poly carbonate awning installed in our laundry area.  Now, I'm thinking about our porch.  Our porch design is best for dry season.  Air can come in and out freely, so it's really relaxing to stay there especially on a very hot weather.  However, the problem is during rainy season especially on the onset of heavy rains.  Rain water could easily get inside the porch as it is an open space, so you would expect the tile flooring to be wet all day long.  It's quite dangerous as this is the main entry to the house and it's very slippery.  Our pet dog can't also stay in the porch during rainy season as it's totally wet.

I think the porch design shown above is perfect if you want to build a house in the Philippines.  More often, rainy season becomes longer than the dry season and it would be best if we would make our outdoor space covered from wall to wall.  Glass door panels can be perfect for this kind of situation.  It could be open wide during dry season to allow air to come in and can be closed during rainy season to protect the area from being wet.

Now a days, we have to be extra creative when working our our home spaces.  For me, comfort is my top priority so I always see to it that everything is convenient for me given all the weather conditions.

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