Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kitchen Container Gardening

I have just started with something on my side yard.  I have a bigger space for gardening but I don't want to make use of the land because I have some upcoming projects for the said land, so I've decided to resort to container gardening for my home grown vegetables.  This could give me me a flexibility to move the plants and secure them during heavy rains.  Currently, I made use of my side yard for my vegetable garden planted in pots of different sizes.  I wish to add up more and I'm still in the process of acquiring more seedlings.  I think my vegetable garden will be in full bloom come summer.  I can't wait to post real pictures here.

Container gardening is a good solution for those who do not have a big yard.  In fact, this could be done even on the small patios.  I've seen few designs on some interesting sites and this is where I adapt the idea of what I've started at home.   

I have some friends who would love to start their own garden, too but they complain about not having enough space for this so I advised them to resort to container gardening which is more fun and easier to maintain.  You may want to try this in your own place, too. :)

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