Friday, April 25, 2014

Create A Cozy Corner in Your Backyard

Eclectic Patio by Austin Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers B. Jane Gardens

The summer heat is really killing me! My husband who just came back home to spend his home leave is also complaining about the extreme heat.  It seemed like you don't have a comfortable place to stay inside the house.  Well, turning the air conditioning on 24 hours a day could be an option, but can you afford to pay the huge increase in your utility bills?

Creating a relaxing and cozy corner in your backyard could help.  If you have that space in your yard, you can create an instant reading nook or just simply a space for you to relax and get a fresh air.  You could choose that spot with lots of greens for a more added freshness and cooling effect.  You do not need to buy anything to create your own cozy space.  Using what you already have at home will be a wiser alternative.

Go and scout for those unused chair or bench in the house, set up a small garden by using recycable containers and voila, you will be on your way to a relaxing afternoon nap or tea break.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Choosing Alternative College Housing Options

Although many college students choose to live in dorms, these aren’t the only options. Dorms do have certain advantages, and are often the most convenient form of housing. However, many students prefer to get off campus and venture into more “adult” housing. Housing options like Campus Evolution Villages at Murray State can be a good compromise between the two—maintaining a close connection with the school while giving students a little more freedom than a traditional dorm.

What to Look For

When choosing your college housing, it’s a good idea to look around at a variety of options in the area to see what each one has to offer. Internet access is usually a must, unless you want to complete all your schoolwork at your library or computer room. Utilities like heat and electricity may come included in your rent, or you may have to pay extra for these. Once you look at the most important deciding factors, you can compare other benefits like pools, weight rooms, laundry rooms, or athletic facilities. You may also be influenced by the distance from campus and the nearest grocery store, especially if you don’t own a car.

When You Move In

Alternative college housing options like Campus Evolution Villages at Murray State are a great way to introduce students to the responsibilities of the adult world. Once you move in, you will be responsible for making your own food, cleaning your apartment, and doing laundry. There’s a lot more work involved than living in a dorm, and it’s important to learn how to budget your time effectively. You will also have more financial responsibilities, like paying rent and monthly bills. While this can seem like a hassle, it’s also a good way to build up a good credit history. When you get out into the “real world” after you graduate, you’ll have a solid financial foundation to start out with. This is also a good time to get a credit card, if you don’t already have one. Using your credit card regularly—and responsibly—is another way to establish good credit with the banks. And you'll probably need it to buy gas and groceries, along with all your school supplies.

Friday, April 11, 2014

I Got To Do This!

I already have one cup cake tower which I bought from a local store but I am still planning to have more since baking and selling cup cakes is also our business.  I've found this beautifully crafted cup cake tower made from goblets and serving platters.  I think this is really worth a try coz when I went shopping last time, I saw some cheap serving platters in nice colors and shape at a local thrift store.  I guess goblets are not so hard to find, too.  This is really a cool project this summer and I would definitely include this in my bucket list of projects.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Three Benefits of Adding Awnings to Your Home

Awnings in Greensboro, NC, are an easy way to spruce up any home. Not only do they look attractive, they provide a wide variety of benefits to a house. No matter where you live or what your personal tastes are, you can find an awning that's right for your home.

Increase Your Living Space

Awnings are a wonderful way to increase the square footage of your house. This is especially true in mild or warm climates, where it’s possible to be outside for most of the year. You can use this area to hold dinner parties, entertain guests, or just sit outside with a good book. An awning will keep away the sun and rain while you get to enjoy the fresh air with your family and friends. Add a grill or patio furniture to complete the transformation and make the space as useful as possible.

Add Curb Appeal

Awnings can add value to your home and will help to give your home a little character. Choose the color or design that appeals to you. Many companies will even create custom awnings with your personalized logos or designs. You’ll be able to feel like your home has a more personal touch, and you can enjoy showing it off to friends and family. And if the time ever comes to sell your home, awnings are an attractive selling point that can help improve the value of the house.

Save Energy

Awnings in Greensboro, NC, can also play an important part in energy savings for your home. During the heat of the summer, direct sunlight can raise the temperature in your home drastically, and your air conditioner has to work overtime to keep up. Covering your windows with blinds or drapes can help, but these will make your room dark and you’ll have to spend more money on electric lighting. Awnings can shade your windows against the sun, while still allowing natural light to come inside and light your room. And, unlike blinds and drapes, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of opening and closing them every day. They protect your home year-round, without creating any extra work for you.

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