Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Choosing Alternative College Housing Options

Although many college students choose to live in dorms, these aren’t the only options. Dorms do have certain advantages, and are often the most convenient form of housing. However, many students prefer to get off campus and venture into more “adult” housing. Housing options like Campus Evolution Villages at Murray State can be a good compromise between the two—maintaining a close connection with the school while giving students a little more freedom than a traditional dorm.

What to Look For

When choosing your college housing, it’s a good idea to look around at a variety of options in the area to see what each one has to offer. Internet access is usually a must, unless you want to complete all your schoolwork at your library or computer room. Utilities like heat and electricity may come included in your rent, or you may have to pay extra for these. Once you look at the most important deciding factors, you can compare other benefits like pools, weight rooms, laundry rooms, or athletic facilities. You may also be influenced by the distance from campus and the nearest grocery store, especially if you don’t own a car.

When You Move In

Alternative college housing options like Campus Evolution Villages at Murray State are a great way to introduce students to the responsibilities of the adult world. Once you move in, you will be responsible for making your own food, cleaning your apartment, and doing laundry. There’s a lot more work involved than living in a dorm, and it’s important to learn how to budget your time effectively. You will also have more financial responsibilities, like paying rent and monthly bills. While this can seem like a hassle, it’s also a good way to build up a good credit history. When you get out into the “real world” after you graduate, you’ll have a solid financial foundation to start out with. This is also a good time to get a credit card, if you don’t already have one. Using your credit card regularly—and responsibly—is another way to establish good credit with the banks. And you'll probably need it to buy gas and groceries, along with all your school supplies.

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  1. i lived in a boarding house most of my college life, the rest were spent living with relatives... :)


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