Thursday, May 22, 2014

What to Do with Your Old Couches

There comes a time in every couch’s life when it has gotten so old and tatty. It is time to replace it. A lot of time people will get rid of perfectly good furniture only because it is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye although they are still fully functional. So what can you do with your old comfortable couches to put them to good use, rather than throwing them away?

Cleaning your Old Couch

When your new couch has arrived in your living room and you do not want to throw away your old couch, give it a good cleaning before you decide what to do with it. Take your vacuum cleaner and get all of the dust and debris from all of the crevices. If your old couch is leather or vinyl, take a damp cloth and wipe down the surface of the couch, getting rid of all of the dust. It is surprising how much of a difference a good cleaning can make; it can bring back to life old furniture. If you have a couch made of fabric, then you can get stain remover and other cleaning products to bring back the colours in your couch.

Sprucing up your Couch

Now that you have cleaned up your couch, you will be able to see all of the blemishes, tears, and other problems that a couch collects over the years! If you have a material couch and you can remove all of the covers, you may want to think about using a dye to change the colour of your couch. If you have rips or tears which need to be addressed, then rather than go through the expense to reupholster your couch, try covering them up with some blankets, sheets or other types of material to throw over your couch and hide all of those unsightly blemishes. A few strategically placed cushions are also a good way to hide any marks that you want to cover up. With a bit of hard work cleaning and some cheap colourful material, you can get your old couch looking almost like new again, quite easily! 

Finding your Couch a New Home

You have now got your old worn our couch in a presentable state, and now you need to find somewhere that you can use it. If you have a large enough house, then there are many rooms that you may be able to use a comfy couch.

  • Children’s Bedroom
  • Spare Bedroom Gazebo 
  • Second Lounge Room
  • Hallway
  • Study
  • Conservatory
  • Gazebo

There are lots of different rooms where a couch is an ideal piece of additional furniture. If you add your couch to children’s bedroom or even a spare room, then this can also double up as an additional place for someone to sleep---great when you regularly entertain friends or family. You may have a second living room which will be an ideal location for your old couch, or you may even have room in your hallway, which gives people the option to sit down before taking off their shoes. If you have a study or a conservatory, then these are also great places for your old couch, where you can sit down and relax whilst you read a book, or take a snooze. A Gazebo or outdoor decking is also a good idea, but you will need to make sure that your couches do not get wet and that they are protected from the elements. Just because you have invested in a new couch, does not mean you have to throw away your old couches, re-use them and put them to good use, especially if they are still really comfortable.

Add More Storage Spaces To Your Kitchen

There are lots of ways to keep your kitchen organized and surfing online, you can never ran out of countless possibilities.  Adding more storage spaces in the kitchen can really do the trick. Not only will it make your kitchen clutter free, it can also make your kitchen looking elegant, organized and professional.

One of the basic things that we need to look into when it comes to organizing is the kitchen cabinets.  It needs to have pull out shelves, drawer organizers, spice rack, lazy susan, door storage, towel holders and more.  It really pays to save on space as this will help you create more seating areas or just simply make your entire dining room and kitchen look spacious.  There's nothing compared to a spacious, well ventilated but fully functional kitchen.

In need of ideas to incorporate in your already existing kitchen?  That's not really a problem, you may want to visit  They have these kitchen make over ideas and a variety of products to suit your needs.  You will surely love their selection of cabinet organizers and their featured decorative hardware.

Every Mom deserves a nice and beautiful kitchen.  After all, it's the most used part of the house and where delightful meals are prepared for our loved ones.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flexible Garden Hose

I have ordered this flexible garden hose from Lazada which according to the specs provided can be extended up to 50 ft.  I ordered this product for garden use due to a number of reasons:

flexible and can be expanded to reach any location around my garden area
it's light weight and can easily be stored
it's affordable at Php499

When I received this product few days ago, I was surprised to see that it is just contained in a small box.  It's not as huge as what can be seen on the online photo.  Now I'm wondering if this can really be stretched to 50 ft.  I haven't tried using it though so it's still very early to judge.  It's true that it's compact and light weight though.  I am looking forward to using this product to water the plants around the yard and for cleaning purposes, too.  I'm not a heavy weight person so I can't afford to carry heavy objects and this prompted me to buy this one.  I hope that it could serve it's purpose and I really get to try this soon. maybe after we've finished most of our projects in the house.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Boost Your Income Through Real Estate

I've been repeatedly posting articles here in my blog about investing in real estate and why I have personally chosen to invest in lots.  A house or a lot is a fixed asset that could increase it's market value over the years. The more it stays longer, the more it add up to it's value.  You may need to shed a huge capital at first or you may bring out some money from your pocket from time to time for the maintenance of the house but it's all worth it.  I made use of my first house and lot to finance my second property by mortgaging it to a private individual without accruing an interest.  Our condition includes allowing the mortgagee to occupy the house on the duration of the contract for free and that served as the interest for the amount loaned.  This is much better than paying huge interest when you loan from banks.  After saving enough money to pay for the loaned amount, I redeemed the house and rented it out.  I used  up the rental fees to develop the second property and the rest is history.  

Now that I've stopped working, I am exerting all my efforts to build another house or a studio type room on my spare lot that I could rent out again to increase my monthly income derived through house rental.  That way, I could live comfortably while staying at home with my family.  For those who would like to invest in real estate properties but don't have enough money to purchase in cash, you may want to try getting one from real estate companies and pay in installment. There's a lot that you could choose from like   

There's no perfect time to start than now.  Invest while you are still young and capable of paying the monthly mortgage or saving up enough cash to pay the full price of the house.  I am certain that you wouldn't regret the idea of having one.  Until now, I still haven't changed my mind.  Investing in real estate is still the best investment for me. 

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