Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flexible Garden Hose

I have ordered this flexible garden hose from Lazada which according to the specs provided can be extended up to 50 ft.  I ordered this product for garden use due to a number of reasons:

flexible and can be expanded to reach any location around my garden area
it's light weight and can easily be stored
it's affordable at Php499

When I received this product few days ago, I was surprised to see that it is just contained in a small box.  It's not as huge as what can be seen on the online photo.  Now I'm wondering if this can really be stretched to 50 ft.  I haven't tried using it though so it's still very early to judge.  It's true that it's compact and light weight though.  I am looking forward to using this product to water the plants around the yard and for cleaning purposes, too.  I'm not a heavy weight person so I can't afford to carry heavy objects and this prompted me to buy this one.  I hope that it could serve it's purpose and I really get to try this soon. maybe after we've finished most of our projects in the house.

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