Sunday, June 1, 2014

House Repairs And Improvements

I am totally relieved after we've done with all the repairs and improvements on the house that we're renting out. Our new tenant has already moved in on a brand new day of June.  It was one hectic month of May when we have introduced all the improvements in the house.  We were not lucky enough to get our previous tenant who did not only violate my rules as a landlord but who also abused in a way.  Imagine them keep on adding house occupants every now and then without asking for my permission or even just pay a respect by informing me of their intention?  It was two hits in a row that I wasn't lucky enough to get responsible and good tenants.  Now, I am crossing my fingers that our new tenant who has just moved in will be totally different from the first two.  The first two tenants did not take good care of the house. Our house was a total mess after they've left.  Because of this, I have to spend quite a lot on repairs.  It's not that easy now coz the cost of the materials is really high now as well as the labor cost.  Thanks God that we're done.  We have invested not only my husband's precious time as he was the one who oversees the whole thing and he also helped out in painting the house but also a large sum of money to pay for the materials and labor.

We're pleased with the outcome though.  Everything was restored and the house looked even better than before.  Now, we became more careful with our rules.  We've insisted for a contract to be signed, I have demanded for a 2 months deposit which I intend to use to cover up the expenses for damages in the house resulting from carelessness of the occupants and also to cover for the unsettled utility bills.  I had that bad experience from my first tenant wherein I've answered for all the unpaid utility bills amounting to more than 11K.  Not only that she left the house with unsettled obligations amounting to 3 months rental.

Now I've learned from my experience and vow not to suffer from the same thing again.

Here's some of the photos of the house after the repairs:

master bedroom with it's own terrace and toilet

photos of the living room

inside the Master's Bedroom

kids room

elevated water tank

We've bought a new water pump ( 1 hp) for the tenant to use as our house is on elevated lot and water supply from the city's main line can only be availed in the afternoon.  With the use of this water tank, they can be assured of a steady supply of water 24 hrs a day.

I hope everything now in the house is okay as we practically attended to every small details like changing some electrical fixtures, changing all the faucets and shower heads in the bath room, sockets, switches, etc. We've also managed to change the counter top tiles in the kitchen, vinyl flooring and even repainted interior and the exterior of the whole house including the fences and window grills.   Window screens were also changed including some pieces of broken glasses in the steel windows.

Now everything is back into shape and we're hoping that the new tenant will take care of our precious investment.

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